REBLOGGED REVIEW: ‘My Mum Says The Strangest Things’ by Katrina Germein (Author) & Tom Jellett (Illustrator)

Note: Originally posted last year for Mothers Day (2014), but it works just as well for this year (2015)

Published: 1st April 2014

Publisher: Black Dogs Books

Pages: 32

Format: Hardback

RRP: $24.95

4/5 stars

When Mum’s busy she says she’s run off her feet. When I dawdle, Mum tells me to shake a leg. When I say, “I’m coming,” Mum says, “So is Christmas.” My mum says the STRANGEST things.From the team that brought you the rip-roaring bestseller My Dad Thinks He’s Funny.

My Mum Says The Strangest Things is a cute and fun picture book celebrating Mothers everywhere. It’s super sweet, but more importantly relevant as the book is literally made up of the adages and sayings that mothers around the world say everyday. I for one have bore witness to majority of the sayings in this book and I had a lot of fun reading this book to the kids last weekend as part of my “Children’s Book Reading.” While some of the sayings went over the kids heads, most of them had them eye rolling and nodding their heads in agreement. More than once one of the kids groaned saying their mum said that too, which had the group and myself cracking up. Below are some of our favourite sayings:
 “When I daydream, Mum says I’m away with the Pixies”
“Stop running like a headless chock. You’re driving me round the bend.”
“My mum says that if the wind changes, my face will stay just like that” 
“my mum says if I watch too much television, I’ll get square eyes. My mum says she has eyes in the back of her head. My Mum says the strangest things.”
This book is ideal for all ages, as everyone has heard at least one of these sayings in their lifetime. For toddlers and early school age kids they’ll be able to see everyday ‘sayings’ illustrated in a fun and quirky way, so that even if they don’t totally understand the strange things being told to them, they can visualise it. After all most of the sayings in this book are abstract – “Cross Mum tells me to pull up my socks, even when I’m not wearing any.” –  that younger kids would take literally and be confused.  This is perhaps best seen with the illustrations of square eyes and away with the pixies. For the ‘older kids’ or ‘young at heart’ this book is bound to bring a smile to your face as it highlights just how strange some of the sayings we say and have grown up with really are.
Overall My Mum Says The Strangest Things is an adorable and fun picture book ideal for the kids to give Mum this Mother’s Day.

To purchase a copy of this book visit any of the following retailers:

Booktopia | Bookworld |   Big W | Boomerang Books | Fishpond |



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