REVIEW: ‘Lethal In Love 1’ by Michelle Sommers

Published:15th July 2015

Publisher: Random House Australia

Pages: 98

Format: Ebook (Courtesy of the Publisher)


5/5 Stars 

Lethal in Love is a steamy romantic suspense about an instinct-driven detective and a sexy, scoop-hungry reporter, both on the hunt for a sadistic killer.

Jayda Thomasz is a sassy homicide detective who never lets her emotions get in the way of a case. So when a serial killer re-emerges after 25 years, the last thing she expects is to catch herself fantasising over the hot, smooth-talking stranger who crosses the path of her investigation.

Seth Friedin is a reporter chasing the story that’ll make his career. When he enters the world of swinging for research, he never imagines he’ll be distracted by a hard-talking female detective whose kiss plagues his mind long after she’s gone.

Past experience has shown Jayda that reporters are ruthless and unscrupulous. But when the murders get personal, will she make a deal with the devil to catch the killer? How far will she and Seth have to go? And do you ever really know who you can trust?


Lethal In Love 1 by Michelle Somers is the first ever serial novel I’ve read, and if the standards of this part of the serial is anything to go by, I think I’m going to love this narrative and its creative process!

Lethal In Love 1 is the début narrative serial by New Zealand born, but now an Aussie based author Michelle Somers. In total the Lethal in Love narrative is to be made up of six (6) of this novella bite sized stories that will follow on from each other and read as one completed novel by the end. Although the creative process is different, I really like the idea of using a serial to tell an Australian based romantic suspense story as the structure of each part of the story will mean there will be so many more twists and turns, highs and lows and the narrative climaxes should be that more stronger. All of that said, I am basing this off the one book I’ve read so far, and what I’ve heard about serials before.

As serials are designed, I read this entire part in one sitting on the train to Sydney early one morning and I couldn’t get enough. My swiping finger (was reading it on my tablet) was going hell for leather as I raced my self through the fantastic first instalment of what is sure to be an inspiring creative storytelling feat and an overall brilliant storytelling. This short instalment already has it all: Intrigue, mystery, and a great mix of tension and sexual chemistry. What more could you want really from a romantic suspense story?

It surprised me that Michelle Somers is a début author with this narrative, as in a relatively short amount of pages she was able to successfully evoke a wide range of emotions through both the characters and myself as a reader. Already I’m intrigued as to who exactly the copy cat is, and I felt the worse sense of foreboding and dread when I worked out the copy cat was stalking. I’m making this sound really dark, but its honestly not (although it is a romantic suspense narrative featuring detectives searching for a murder, so there will be some darker aspects) all doom and gloom, as Somers expertly weaves some happier, and shall we say more sexier times through the narrative with the protagonists sharing such strong sexual chemistry that you can almost feel sizzling right off the very page. What’s more is sexual chemistry that actually works within the bounds of the story and isn’t simply a plot device or fluff filler, as despite having just meet these characters (and them having just meet each other) their chemistry and that bond just … works. It feels right. There is also a sense of overpowering grief felt for a particular character that the reader is realistically introduced to twice in the entire text so far, so the fact that I do feel bad and am grieving their loss (and gasping out loud and getting indigent on public trains on their behalf) just goes to show just how powerful and moving Somers’ writing really is.

In terms of structure and story, these part of the text (and I’m going to go ahead and assume the entire narrative will be the same) is told from three alternate points of view (POV): the first is homicide Detective Jayda Thomasz and our leading heroine, the second is what I’m guessing will become her leading man perhaps but is the reporter in residence Seth Friedin and the third is this unnamed or identifiable psychopath voice that I can only assume is our murder. Any writer will tell you that the voice of a character is often the hardest to nail, but the fact that Somers here has not only nailed one distinctive character voice, but three very different voices and personalities is nothing short of brilliant writing and character development. Although Jayda is our cop, from what were given here we already know she’s going to be one hell of a character to run around with as not only is she fiery as hell, but she’s stubborn as they come and quick witted and smart.Seth on the other hand is caring and sexy despite his lowly job as a reporter (Jayda’s thoughts on him), but he’s committed and ready to do anything he can to get his story, and perhaps help Jayda along the way too. This third psychopath voice however is eerily aloft and so well written that you can’t help but get goosebumps crawling across your skin as you read in slight discomfort his/her thoughts and what they are planning on doing. If that last part is not a sign of a phenomenal writer, I don’t know what is!

As a whole I’m really intrigued by the Lethal in Love serial. Not only because of its unusual format that leaves you wanting more – I so desperately wanted to read the next one the second I finished – but it’s so well written and cleverly devised. The tone and pacing is spot on and I’m so intrigued (and slightly disturbed) by these characters and their back stories I simply NEED to know more and more. The way that third ominous and creepy psychopath’s parts are written I kind of really want to read more and see if the person I’m already beginning to suspect as the killer is in fact the right guy or find out if we’ve even met them yet!

I highly recommend this serial to anyone whose looking for a quick story that’s a bit outside the box. The serial format lends itself to a quick read without loosing any of the fantastic writing, story and/or character development and sure as hell make the whole thing more suspensful with its mini cliff hangers and that overwhelming sense of lingering … let’s just say this story has stuck with me since I read it that very first day on the train and it’s still lingering on in my head as I write this an entire week and half later. Do yourself a favour and grab yourself a copy of this gem of book, especially while the first part is free. After all, what have you really got to loose?


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