Hachette & Date A Book’s YA Book Blogger Night 2015

Some of you might be aware that Hachette Australia have a very dedicated and passionate Young Adult (YA) book team that have lovingly and carefully cultivated a small community known as Date A Book. On Monday night they held an exclusive invite only book bloggers night and I was lucky enough to go.

On Monday night I was fortunate enough to be invited back to Date A Book’s second YA Book Blogger Night, which is an invite only event where the publishers tell us bloggers a bit about the YA books that are out now and we might have missed, those that are soon to be released and titles we need to keep our eyes out for when they are released in the next year or so. Last year they even organised for Lani Taylor to be the guest of honour. This year we were even more spoilt because Hachette Australia and Date A Book had organised not one, but TWO authors for us to listen to and meet; début Australian author Sophie Hardcastle and the Queen of Faerie and paranormal Holly Black!!



The event started with a room full of YA book advocates mingling, many of us meeting for the first time in person (half the fun was matching peoples face to their twitter, blog and Facebook handles) and eating the yummy array of food Hachette had so kindly provided – think vintage popcorn machine, and fruit platters, and chocolate galore and lollies! The room was dark and set up to look like we were in the woods and in Faerie from Holly’s most recent book Darkest Part Of the Woods.


When it was time for us to take our seats, début Australian author Sophie Hardcastle was introduced and she spoke for a little bit about her new book, Running Like China, before she read a bit out loud and won the entire audience over.

Running Like China releases next week (Pub Date: August 25th, 2015)

Hachette then proceeded to surprise us even more by gifting the room a copy and letting us get our books signed and a chance to talk to Sophie one on one.

Sophie Hardcastle and myself

Next up we got a short presentation on the books we need to hurry up and read, what’s coming next and what to look out for early next year. I’ve included some of the books below that Date A Book are excited to publish and sound amazing! Below are some of the ones I’m personally most excited for.


*NOTE: Date A Book assured us that although the note on Glass Sword says July 2017, it’s definitely an early release for 2016!!!

The publishers also revealed that Lauren Oliver would be touring late this year in Australia, but I’ve yet to find any information on her tour…

Next up was the guest of honour, the amazing Queen of Faerie, Holly Black. Holly spoke for roughly 40 minutes and it was simply amazing to hear her talk. She is extremely passionate and friendly, and you can’t help getting caught up in this giddy sense of excitement and delight that she embodies. She spoke at length about her writing journey, where her books came from and the fascination she had with faerie growing up.


When it came time to get our books signed, I actually got to sit down with Holly and have a chat for a few minutes or so. As an aspiring writer, I asked her about the time it takes her to write her novels. She’d mentioned in her talk that it took five years to writer her first one, and she told me that she can now write them in roughly a year or under.We spoke about character names too, and she mentioned that she happened to be visiting a graveyard recently (which is another story entirely) and she took notes on the names there because they have some fascinating ones that we’d never come up with now. Drinkwater appears to be a personal favour, and might appear in a future book!


Holly Black & Myself


And just when we started thinking the night couldn’t get any better, the event draws to a close and every person attending the night got a goodie back with three books and a huge array of other products (from a Date A Book Mug – which I love! – to makeup, food and everything in between!). Thank you so much to the two authors, the entire publishing team and Date A Book team and every one of their sponsors for the fantastic night and amazing freebies.

YA Book Bloggers Goodie Bags





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