Romance Writers of Australia ‘Get Fresh’ Conference 2015

Today I’m flying to Melbourne to the Romance Writer’s of Australia ‘Get Fresh’ Conference for 2015. Across the next four days I’ll be attending an all day workshop on Deep Editing with Margie Lawson, a cocktail party, an awards dinner, an epic book signing event, and two FULL days of back to back conference sessions with some of this country’s best and some international writing guru’s.

This is my second event (I attended my first writing conference last year) and I’m really quite excited to be going again. As are many of this year attendee’s if everyone’s Facebook status are anything to go by. Last year I made some fantastic writing buddies from all over the country, and it’s kind of exciting to think that in a matter of hours I’ll be able to chat to them some again face to face and just talk about books and writing with people who love it just as much as I do.

I’m not going to say I’ll update the blog over the weekend, because let’s face it, I probably won’t have time. This long weekend is going to be both exciting, but also very mentally heavily as so much information is dumped and we attempt to soak everything up like a sponge. I know after last year’s one I was so mentally drained on the trip home that I felt like I needed another weekend just to process everything. So that said, I might update the blogs Facebook page and Twitter account if you want updates whilst I’m at conference*, but apart from that I’ll see you next week when I’m back, exhausted, and extremely inspired and writing like mad!

If you’ve ever considered writing fiction, with even the smallest component of romance, then I highly recommend that you join the Romance Writer’s of Australia. Not only is it fantastically run, but it’s a support network for writers of every stage and a safe haven to air your writing mishaps, troubles, successes and just general excitement.

*I’ve packed an assortment of blog specific things in my suitcase and have a small thing ‘planned’ for the book signing event. Which if it works, I’ll be giving away over Facebook and Twitter on the weekend and then again some more next week on the blog 🙂



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