RWA Conference 2015: Arrival (Thursday)

So I arrived late yesterday afternoon and let me just say this place is simply amazing! At the moment I’m eating breakfast in my room before I go down and register for my all day ‘Deep Editing’ workshop with Maggie Lawson and thought I might just update you a little bit on what’s been happening so far – and what my room looks like!!!

The RWA conference is being held at the Park Hyatt hotel in Melbourne and given that a lot of things happen in the hotel post conference each day, I wanted to stay in the same hotel. Forewarned as to how expensive this would be, I started saving last year and let me tell you how glad I am that I did.

The rooms here are huge and quite elaborate. There are mirrors everywhere and it all looks so expensive that I’m slightly terrified that I might break something! I’m definitely not used to this level of sophistication (and I’m still not used to my room having a doorbell or a tv above the bath!).

image  image image image

After checking in yesterday, and post admiring the room, I tracked down some of the friends I meet last year and caught up with them before heading out to dinner on Lygon Street with the amazing Kaz Delaney and her husband and good friend.

Anyway I’ve got to go and register for today’s workshop.

Happy Reading everyone!


2 thoughts on “RWA Conference 2015: Arrival (Thursday)

    • Jess says:

      The photos don’t do it justice! It’s beautiful, albeit slightly over the top. But huge and very comfortable.
      The 2016 conference is being held in South Australia in August 🙂
      Fingers crossed you can get to one 🙂

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