REVIEW: ‘My Amazing Dad’ by Ezekel Kwaymullina & Tom Jellett (Illustrator)

Published: 1st August 2015

Publisher: Little Hare Books (Hardie Grant Egmont)

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

RRP: $24.95

4/5 Stars

This dad is not like other dads. He is not good at:

Mowing the lawn,
Getting his children to school on time,
Baking cakes,
Fixing a leaky faucet, or
Remembering bed time

But, he is good at:

Making mazes,
Getting his children to school eventually,
Eating cakes,
Making bubble baths, and
Telling bedtime stories.

And this is what makes him so special.

With bright illustrations from award-winning illustrator Tom Jellett and minimal text by award-nominated Ezekiel Kwaymullina, My Amazing Dad celebrates the unconventional father who may not always get it right but certainly knows how to turn every day into something special.

My Amazing Dad is a short and sweet picture book that highlights how not all Dads are stereotypically ‘perfect’ and handyman geniuses. It serves as a message to both kids and Dads all over the world that it’s okay to be just who you are, and that while you might not be the ‘ideal’ representation of Dad, you are still Dad, flaws and all and that’s not just only okay, it’s actually kind of perfect! For every negative attribute the dad in this book can’t do, the narrator picks out something unique and quirky that he does excel at that makes spending time with Dad both enjoyable, but a special and unique experience.

My dad is not like other dads.

He isn’t very good at mowing the lawn

but he’s a genius at making mazes.

He never gets me to school on time,

but he always gets me there in the end.”

My Amazing Dad is the story about a father and his two kids (one daughter, and one son – the son narrates the book) and how  “dad is not like other dads.’ It’s equal parts clever and quirky despite having very simplistic text and full double page illustrations that focus on the primary colours. And I personally think this book can go a longer way to reassure both new and old Dads that they are doing a good job despite not being great at stereotypical ‘dad jobs’.

Interestingly the Father and Child in this book are never named throughout the text, which is a handy little device making the book accessible to children and Father’s from all over the world as the characters in this book could be you and me, or your neighbours without much stretch of the imagination.


To purchase a copy of My Amazing Dad, visit the following retailers:

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