PRE-ORDER: ‘Shiloh’ By G.J. Walker-Smith

So it comes as no surprise to anyone that I’m a huge fan of Aussie superstar G.J. Walker-Smith and her Wishes Series. Charlie and Adam first captured my heart in Saving Wishes when the book was first released and my blog was just a baby. In fact G.J. Walker-Smith was one of the first authors I ever had on this blog and one of the first books tours I signed up for … and if I’m brutally honest, I think she was my first, or at least one of the first three, Indie Authors I ever read. I’ve reviewed her books in the past, and even got to interview G.J. Walker-Smith last year. So naturally when I heard that the pre-order on iBooks for her new book, Shiloh, is up now, I one-clicked (can you one-click on iBooks? or is that an inclusive Amazon thing?) that book as fast as I could! Although technically not part of the Wishes Series, we did meet Mitchell in the very first book and I’m really curious to know what he has been up to all this time!

✻.•*˚ ❄•*˚❆ SHILOH✻.•*˚ ❄•*˚❆


November 2015

*** Standalone Novel***

Here’s what I know about Shiloh Jenson:
She is up to no good.
Every word out of her mouth is a lie.
And I’m madly in love with her.

The call of the sea had always been deafening for Mitchell Tate, which is why Kaimte, a small coastal town in West Africa, was the perfect place for him.
Brilliant surf conditions conjured up by the South Atlantic Ocean was the drawcard, and the laid-back lifestyle suited him to a tee.
But even paradise has a dark side.
When fellow Australian Shiloh Jenson arrives in town, his eyes are opened to a much seedier side of village life.
Shiloh has a hidden agenda, and whether he likes it or not, Mitchell is along for the ride.

To pre-order you very own copy of Shiloh from iBooks click here.

To learn more about GJ Walker-Smith visit her website or Facebook page.





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