Celebratory Birthday Weekend Giveaway!

Early this year I attended the Romance Writers of Australia annual convention. This year the event was held in Melbourne at the Park Hyatt hotel (you may remember I posted a tiny bit about it whilst I was there before I got so busy, sidetracked and tired). I still intend to do a longer post on that amazing weekend and the amazing community that is the Romance community in Australia, but for today (and the entire weekend in fact) I want to do something a little special. For you see it’s my birthday weekend and while I’m heading to Melbourne today to attend the Fictionally Yours Event (so excited!) I wanted to do something a bit fun on here and thought what better way to do then to run a giveaway 🙂

At the Romance Writers of Australia conference I attended the epic Australian Romance Readers Association book signing event they hosted and got 4 A4  convention logo’s signed by almost (I missed about five or so) all the singing authors with the intention to give them away here on the blog. Each of these A4 photo’s are signed by both traditional and indie published authors.

Signing Authors included:

Alison Goodman, Alison Stuart, Alissa Callen, Alli Sinclair, Ally Blake, Amber A Bardan, Amy Andrews, Amy Rose Bennett,Anita Heiss, Anne Gracie,Annie Seaton, Annie West, Beverley Eikli/Beverley Oakley, Bronwyn Stuart, Cathryn Hein, Claire Boston, CS Pacat, Delwyn Jenkins/DJ Michaels, Donna Maree Hanson/Dani Kristoff, Ebony McKenna, Eden Summers, Eliza Redgold, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Ellie Marney, Erica Hayes, Erin Moira O’Hara, Fiona Lowe, Fiona McArthur, Fiona Palmer, Graeme Simsion, Gwendolyn Beynon, Helene Young, Imogene Nix, Jane Porter, Jennifer Kloester, Jennifer Scoullar, Jennifer St George, Joanie MacNeil, Kandy Shepherd, Kelly Hunter, Kendall Talbot, Keri Arthur, Khloe Wren, KM Golland, Kylie Kaden, Lauren K McKellar, Lisa Ireland, Maggie Le Page,Maggie Mundy,Marion Lennox, Mary Jo Putney, Melanie Milburne, Melanie Scott/MJ Scott, Meredith Appleyard, Michelle Douglas,Nicole Hurley-Moore, Patricia McLinn, Rachael Johns, Rachel Bailey, Rhyll Biest,Rowena Holloway, Sandi Wallace, Sarah Mayberry, Shannon Curtis, Susan Downham, Suzi Love, T Gephart, Tamsin Baker, Tania Joyce, TM Clark, Tricia Stringer, Trish Morey, Victoria Purman.


Over the course of this weekend I’m giving away TWO of these SIGNED Logos (Two more will be given away once I’ve done up the weekends posts). All you have to do to win one is leave a comment on the blog and tell me your all time favourite romance author and book  and what it is about the romance genre that you love so much.

Giveaway Closes on Monday 18th October at Midnight and is open to Australia residents only. The two winners will be contacted by email and annouced on the blog on Wednesday 2st October 2015.



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