More Over Halloween, It’s NANO Time …. Almost!

It’s October 31st here and all week I’ve seen people getting dressed up in creepy-like costumes, discussing how to decorate their houses and what lollies they should or should not buy and what the ultimate costume would be for tonight would be. As per usual the massive debate over the American tradition has raised its head and really divided Australia (for the record, I don’t celebrate Halloween and I don’t feel the need too, but if you want to that’s your prerogative and go right ahead) with people arguing quite heavily for both sides. So while half the country is getting ready for a big party and hitting the streets for lollies/candy, I’ll be watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch on DVD and impatiently waiting for midnight to hit!

Why you may ask? Because 12.01am means National Novel Writing Month (affectionately known as NANO)  officially kicks off!

For those who don’t know, NANO is a free 50 000 word challenge where individuals challenge themselves up to write a novel in 30 days. Ideally participants aim to write 1667 words a day, but everyone has their own systems and commitments and really it’s just a lot of fun.

I was first introduced to NANO seven years ago and every year since I’ve signed up and been extremely excited for the first of November to roll around. To date I’ve sadly only completed the 50 000 word challenge once, and come close twice. Sadly November is a really really busy month for me as not only do I work  in retail (which is crazy at this time of the year), but I’m a dance teacher too and well it’s concert time, so almost every afternoon and weekend is taken up with concert preparation and lessons. Despite all that, I’m determined to succeed this year! I will complete the challenge once more and 2015 will be my year!! And in order to do so, I’m getting ready NOW! Blog posts are being scheduled, and plans are being organised and to make sure I do hit the 50 000 word target, I’m going to check in a couple of times throughout the month to let you all know how exactly I’m going and if I’m going to make it or not!

This year my story is kind of a hybrid of genres and although I think I have it sorted out in my head, I’m not going to say much about it other than this as an explanation for what it’s about: It involves Heads of State from fictional countries, Terrorism and politics. With a bit of romance thrown in for fun too. I’m actually pretty excited to write this story because it’s been bouncing around my head for the majority of this year (and longer if I’m being honest, but that piece that pulls the story together clicked earlier this year and made it possible) and I feel like I really know these characters and what they are facing.

Less than 12 hours until I can officially start writing my story!




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