Nano Day One: #NANO2015

One of the big pointers they always have for NANO (National Novel Writing Month – affectionately known as NANO) is to start writing at 12.01 am on November 1st and kick start that new story excitement and competitive edge and get a healthy jump on your story. Since I joined up in 2008 with a bunch of UNI friends I’ve always thought that was a great idea … and then decided sleep was better. During UNI I never managed to start on the 1st of November and more often then not would start a week or two in, find it too difficult to catch up with work and concert prep and would give up on the 50k in the 30 days challenge and just write the story at my own pace (except for that one year I just never got a chance to start… that was a bad year people!). Since this year IS going to be my NANO year, I decided to start at 12.01am and give NANO everything I’ve got and see if it actually helps and I’m pleased to say, I think it does.

On Saturday night I fell asleep on the lounge watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch with my youngest sister and Dad (we were educating her on the old school shows and I can report she has become addicted to it). At 11.40 my family woke me up and everyone went to bed, I was literally about three seconds from falling into bed when I pulled myself up short and decided bed could wait and I was doing the 12.01 start. So I did, and as of right now (8:16pm on November 1 2015) I’ve actually managed to write 3,185 words at my own leisurely pace (I also went and saw The Dressmaker which was an amazing movie and now I’m hunting down the book). I’m heading back to my document after I post this and hoping to hit the 4 thousand word mark tonight, if not 5 thousand. I know I can’t keep this pace up for long, and probably won’t for the rest of the month, but at least it gives me a bit of leeway now for when I hit say Thursday and don’t have a second spare to write all day.

Are you participating in NANO 2015? If so, what’s your user name on the site and I’ll buddy up with you.


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