Sunday Shelve it!

Brought to you (and me) by Magan & Estelle @  Rather Be Reading

This year is flying by people! No really, it’s going way to fast … things have been crazy busy for me lately (more on that tomorrow), but I am still here plodding along as much as I can. I’ve been reading as much as I can – I finally hit just over 100 books read for the year and the year’s not quite over yet 🙂 – and I’ve been buying much more than I should; I’m choosing to run with the ‘you can never have too many books argument here, even if my room and bookshelves say otherwise!

Sunday November 8 NANO Update: So as you know I’m still doing NANO and I’m still ahead (barely, but still just ahead of the daily word count). As of this morning I’ve written 14421 words since the 1st of November 2015 which pretty damn impressive for me. I’m still writing today and hoping to hit 15k today if not more, so wish me luck 🙂

Internship News: Sadly I finished up my internship this week 😦 But I had the most amazing time with the lovely people from Hachette Australia and was given this awesome book bag full of books as a thank you on my last day.

Note: I’ve brought and received a bunch of books since I last updated this, but I’m just going to do the ones from the past week in this edition.

Purchased (Print)


Received from Publisher (Print)


Received from Publisher/Author (Ebook)



Purchased (Electronic)



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