It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

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So what’s been happening Jess? I’ve been super busy these last few weeks with work, dancing, my internship and writing. I’ve got that damned summer cold that’s going around not once, but twice and I just haven’t been able to shake it this time (I think the state of exhaustion I’m currently experiencing isn’t helping much). I had some exciting prospect work opportunities turn up that I’ve sadly had to turn down, I’ve been inspired and made to feel redundant by people in higher places, but mostly I’ve been happy and working hard in preparation for Christmas.

Sadly I finished up my Internship this week 😦 I was sad to leave the amazing people at Hachette Australia, but am thankful for all the help and experience they gave me over my three month stint there. I seriously learnt a lot and got to meet some of the most inspiring and super friendly people, and well learn from some of the industries best. I loved being able to work on books and see them through every stage in production; it was even extra special then getting them in at work, as I did little excitement dances and I think the guys I worked with might be over hearing “OMG, they let me work on this book!” every time a new one came in. I haven’t done so yet, but I’m thinking of purchasing copies of all the books I had the privilege of working on and making a shelf to dedicated to just them – to be my little pride shelf that will remind me that I’m on my way. The fantastic people I worked with at Hachette Australia organised a goodie bag for me on my last day and gave me all the books pictured below. I was especially super excited about Paradise Road by CJ Duggan, as Hachette gave me the first book ‘Paradise City’ when I had my interview and it felt fitting to finish my internship off with the second book …. which I may have already finished reading because I was that excited over the book!

NANO Update: So far we’re 9 days into the month and I’ve managed to write something every single day keeping me ahead of the daily word count on where you should be in order to finish on time. I haven’t had another 7k day yet, but I’m going steady and absolutely loving my story to bits still, so all good things happening on this account 🙂 I’ve hit over the 15k mark now guys in just 9 days!!!

I also got to go out for a joint birthday celebratory lunch with two of my best friends yesterday and for our monthly mini book club meeting. Both of them spoilt me rotten by getting me the book game Bookopoly! I’ve actually posted about this game twice on the blog before and I’m so super excited to play this – who wants to come over and play a round with me? We all got to visit a local book store, Harry Hartog which opened just last week locally. It looks pretty exciting and is a really beautiful store with some amazing books and bookish gifts inside.


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