REVIEW: Christmas At Grandma’s Beach House by Claire Saxby & Illustrated by Janine Dawson

Published: 1st September 2015

Publisher: Five Mile Press

Pages: 24

Format: Hardback (Courtesy of the Publisher)

RRP: $16.95

4/5 Stars

It’s Christmas in Australia, and what better way to celebrate than to gather at Grandma’s beach house! It’s the Twelve Days of Christmas, Aussie style.

‘On the fourth day of Christmas, we went down to the sea,
Four beaming aunts,
Three best friends,
Two Uncle Bob’s,
And my Grandma, my family and me…’

The perfect Aussie Christmas book that celebrates sand, surf and sun, from award-winning author Claire Saxby.


I read Claire Saxby’s Christmas at Granddad’s Farm last year and absolutely loved it, So I went into this book with pretty high expectations and Christmas at Grandma’s Beach House didn’t disappoint.

Christmas At Grandma’s Beach House is a sweet, playful and uniquely Australian Christmas story that is perfect for anyone who wants to read about a scorching summer Christmas, where sunburn and hot sand is a real problem! The narrative is short, and a nice Aussie twist on the traditional 12 Days of Christmas Carol. With full bright full page colour illustrations Janine Daweson has done a marvellous job at recreating the story and adding some extra humour and ‘Aussie Spirit’ into the tale.

Personally I really loved this book because of how big and involved the family is. With each passing day, more friends and family turn up on the beach and at Grandma’s beach house, creating more chaos and adventures, all of which is so close to how my big family Christmas go at times. Especially when everyone is running around screaming, and swimming and just generally having a great time. It’s this fun loving and enthusiastic living that really sets this book apart from most Christmas stories on the market. Most traditional and modern Christmas stories are told as night time tales before bed, when the house is calm and things are settled, or its told from a European or American perspective with snow and wood fires and idyllic motives. Where as Christmas At Grandma’s Beach House is literally bouncing off the page with energy, people and activities galore. There is still a relaxed atmosphere to the story, but its a true to life Aussie tale.

Christmas at Grandma’s Beach House is perfect for your little Vegemite’s this Christmas.



To purchase a copy of this book, visit the following online retailers:

Five Mile Press | Booktopia | Maclean’s |


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