Pre-order: Shiloh by GJ Walker-Smith

✻.•*˚ ❄•*˚❆ SHILOH✻.•*˚ ❄•*˚❆
6th December 2015

Pre-order available on itunes.


Here’s what I know about Shiloh Jenson:
She is up to no good. Every word out of her mouth is a lie. And I’m madly in love with her. The call of the sea had always been deafening for Mitchell Tate, which is why Kaimte, a small coastal town in West Africa, was the perfect place for him.Brilliant surf conditions conjured up by the South Atlantic Ocean was the drawcard, and the laid-back lifestyle suited him to a tee. But even paradise has a dark side. When fellow Australian Shiloh Jenson arrives in town, his eyes are opened to a much seedier side of village life. Shiloh has a hidden agenda, and whether he likes it or not, Mitchell is along for the ride.



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