Top Ten Tuesday: December 8: Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish where bloggers and readers create a list of books based on a weekly list theme.

Today’s topic was: Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015

1.Sarah J. Maas. I’d heard of this author before, but never read any of her stuff before. Let’s just say, I’m utterly addicted now and still devastated that I didn’t get to go to any of her Australian events (by the time I heard of them all of them were sold out 😦 ). I read a total of FIVE Sarah J. Maas books this year alone….


2. Leisa Rayven. Man did I fan girl over this Aussie author something chronic, I devoured the first book, waited months for the second (thankfully they were both released in the same year – Thank you publishers!!) and I think everyone and their cousin knew that I was reading the second book. It was killing me to work in books knowing I was up to a part (aka the WHOLE book) that I desperately needed to know more about but couldn’t read at work, while it sat their taunting me on the shelves … let’s just say I was able to handsell this book without much effort on my behalf both online and in store. I was lucky enough to meet her at the Fictionally Yours Event in Melbourne 🙂

3. Holly Black. This women is a genius. I’ve read multiple of her books now, and am still devouring her back list every chance I get!

4.Marie Rutkoski. This women writes a mean YA Triology. If You haven’t read any of them yet, maybe wait until the third book releases (March 29 2016 to be exact), so that you can read the whole series straight, trust me you need too. These books killed me… March 29 2016 better hurry up and get here quick smart!

5. Charlotte McConaghy. Another powerful Aussie debut that got me totally hooked on this author and series. Book two is available as an ebook, but I’m waiting on the paperback. I’m ashamed to admit here, that the only reason I found this author was because I happened to judge it by its cover… a feat not hard when you look at it really, it’s stunning.

6. T. Gephart. Power Station. Enough said. Troy Harris!

7. CJ Duggan. This author (unknowingly) started my publishing internship off (I was given a copy of the first book when I went for my interview) and finished it (I was given a proof of the second novel a month before it released when I finished there. I can not praise this author or series enough. It’s fantastic. You should all read it!!

8. Michelle Sommers. An Aussie romantic suspense author who debut her first book as a serial. I absolutely loved this novel/serial and was eargerly awaiting each month when the publisher would send me the next one. It was also the first ever long serial I’ve read it and the format was new to me as well as the author.

9. Dannika Dark. I went on a shifter’s binge and read every one of these that were released at the time in under a week. I think’s fair to say I enjoyed them all…


10. Jospehine Moon. I had the first one of these books to read since it was first released and never touched it, but the author was doing a local library talk around Easter so I picked up the second book and went alone. I absolutely loved it and was hooked.

This week’s topic: Top Ten Characters Who X…
This week’s topic: Top Ten Characters Who X…

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