It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey

So I’ve had a shit of a week. As you may be aware I took last week off reading and blogging (something I found incredibly hard to do I might add) in order to concentrate on myself after a long and hectic November. It’s only a pity my plans of sleep and R&R didn’t quite pan out the way I hoped they would. For the most part I didn’t read last week, or at least for the first few days. Then on Tuesday last week I hurt my back at working lifting heavy book boxes from the top of a pallet (where they shouldn’t have been in the first place) and now I’ve got a very sore back that is also stuffing up my knee and thigh because its all connected 😦 Good news is though I might not be able to sit in chair for long, I can lay on my stomach on the floor, which I’ve recently discovered is a perfect place to read. I didn’t read much, but for a no-read week I did read a bit… I also brought more books then I should have when work had a 10% of books sale … opps #sorrynotsorry

I’m really behind on reviews here, a problem I’m hoping to remedy before Christmas, but please bear with me as I struggle to sit at the computer for periods of time.

Every year I say I’ll start my Christmas reading earlier and every year I have fantastic intentions to do so. But alas, it didn’t happen once again this year. I haven’t read barely any Christmas books this yearso far (only 2 to be exact), so I’m going to spend the next two weeks reading Christmas books to get me in the Christmas spirit for Christmas. I can’t believe it’s less then two weeks away. Where has this year gone?

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