My Top Ten Books of 2015

I’ve attempted this list at least five times already and given up each time. I read something like 120 books this past year and there were a lot more than usual that were outstanding. So many in fact that every time I try to and write this list and think that I’m done, I think of another one or three that need to be included, so I swap and change, only to add more… and it’s a vicious cycle! But after much consideration, these where my absolute favourite and the stand out 5 stars books I read this year.

I’m refusing to number them in any sense of order; I just can’t do that to myself. They were all amazing 5 star books for various reasons.



Honourable mention goes to the following books/series:



3 thoughts on “My Top Ten Books of 2015

  1. Amy says:

    I loved some of the books on this as well. I totally understand about trying to pick your favourites, some were easy others were so hard to decide over others.

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