Australian Women Writers’ Challenge 2015 Complete (AWW2015)

After doing so well in this challenge last year, I thought I’d challenge myself to read 50 books written by Australian Women Writers and review at least 40 of them.

I started out strong and was well on my way to achieving this challenge by mid year, then life got in the way and I didn’t get to review nearly half as much as I should have. So while I read more than enough books to complete the challenge this year, I sadly didn’t review enough 😦 I’ve got probably another twenty to thirty reviews planned in dot points but thanks to my recent back injury and the chaos of November, didn’t quite make it to finishing them this year. That said I’m still happy with what I did achieve this year and plan to commit to the same level of the challenge next year.

Currently I’ve read:52/50

Reviewed: 25/40

1. Storm Clouds – Bronwyn Parry (REVIEWED)

2. Fly In Fly Out – Georgina Penney (REVIEWED)

3. Runaway Lies – Shannon Curtis (REVIEWED)

4. Maxwell Sisters – Loretta Hill (REVIEWED)

5. The Enemy Inside – Vanessa Skye

6. The Secret Prince – Justine Lewis (REVIEWED)

7. Avery – Charlotte McConaghy (REVIEWED)

8. Wardrobe Girl – Jennifer Smart (REVIEWED)

9. Snowy River Man – Lizzy Chandler (REVIEWED)

10. Stone Castles – Trish Morey

11. Bad Romeo – Leisa Ravyen

12. Jilted – Rachael Johns (REVIEWED)

13. The Road To Hope – Rachael Johns (REVIWED)

14. The Sheike’s Princess Bride – Annie West

15. Meet The Anzacs – Claire Saxby (REVIEWED)

16.  Deep – Kylie Scott

17.Lest We Forget – Kerry Brown (REVIEWED)

18. The Beach They Called Gallopoli – Jackie French

19. The Chocolate Promise – Josephine Moon

20. Broken Juliet – Lesia Ravyen

21. Confessions Of A Once Fashionable Mum – Gerogina Madden (REVIEWED)

22. Northern Heat – Helene Young (REVIEWED)

23. High Strung – T. Gepart (REVIEWED)

24. Crash Ride – T. Gephart (REVIEWED)

25. Only We Know – Victoria Purman

26. Back Stage – T. Gephart (REVIEWED)

27. Just The Way We Are – Jessica Shirvington (Author), Claire Robertson (Illustrator) (REVIEWED)

28. Fly-In Fly-Out Dad – Sally Murphy (Author), Janine Dawson (Illustrator) (REVIEWED)

29. Desertion – River Savage

30. Brave – Natalie Gayle

31. Paradise City – CJ Duggan (REVIEWED)

32. Lethal In Love 1 – Michelle Somers (REVIEWED)

32. Lethal in love 2 – Michelle Somers (REVIEWED)

33. Lethal in love 3 – Michelle Somers

34. Lethal In Love 4 – Michelle Somers

35. Picnic At Hanging Rock

36. Secret Cord- Geraldine Brooks

37. Sight – Juliet Madison

38. Blind Attraction – Eden Summers

39. Twisted Perception – T.L.Smith

40. Christmas at Grandma’s Beach House – Claire Saxby (REVIEWED)

41. Infatuation – River Savage

42. Lethal In Love 5 – Michelle Somers

43. Lethal in Love 6 – Michelle Somers

44. More Than Enough – Jay McLean

45. Slide – T. Gephart

46. Paradise Road- CJ Duggan

47. A Kiss from Kringle – Rhian Cahill (REVIEWED)

48. The Secret Years – Barbara Hannay

49.  Believe – Natalie Gayle

50.. Mistletoe Maverick – Shannon Curtis (REVIEWED)

51. An Outback Christmas – Louise Reynolds (REVIEWED)


5 thoughts on “Australian Women Writers’ Challenge 2015 Complete (AWW2015)

  1. rlsharpe says:

    You did such a great job reading 52 books. Don’t worry too much about not getting to review them all, life happens. I couldn’t review all the books I read either. Hope your back feels better soon.

    • Jess says:

      Thank Rochelle. I’m disappointed I didn’t finish the reviews, especially since I think there is so much to say about some of them still. I’m hoping still to write them hopefully soon. But I guess we will see.

      Thanks too. Sadly the back hasn’t made much progress recently.

    • Jess says:

      Thanks Shelleyrae. I’m disappointed in myself for not reviewing enough of them, but it’s a new year and im determined to get there this time!

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