2016 Blogging Goals

Earlier this morning I sat down intending to write a post on my 2016 blog goals, instead I wrote a reflective piece on my three years of blogging experience. It made me remember my highs and lows and really made me appreciate how far I’ve come. I know this isn’t a huge blog comparatively, but three years on I’m proud to still be authentic in my approach to this blog. I never aspired to have the biggest blog out there, but I always wanted to be true to myself and my reading style and opinions. It was a steep learning curve at first, as I signed up for countless blog tours before deciding exactly what sort of blog The Never Ending Bookshelf would be. What it is today; a space for me to share my honest opinions on books that I’ve personally read or from authors I’ve previously read. It was this realisation and reflection that kind of shows me just how much I need a blogging goals post to see how far I can come in the year ahead. I’ve never done a list like this, so I thought it might be fun.

2016 Blogging Goals:


* To  review a higher percentage of books that I read than 2015.

I had a good reading year in 2015, but due to insecurities and mild freak outs, I held myself back from writing reviews for a good part of the year. Which is a shame, because some of those books I read then where some of my favourites. This year I’m hoping to review them and many more.

* To post more often.

When I started The Never Ending Bookshelf I was posting almost every day at least once for the better half of the first year and half to two years. Last year I feel behind a bit as life got a bit more chaotic and insecurities took hold. I no longer feel the pressure to post every day now, but I still would like to post more regularly than I have been recently.

* To read more.

Sounds easy. But with this goal I need to encourage myself whilst acknowledging that I’m not a super fast reader like some readers/bloggers out there. What’s more I don’t have to be. In particular I want to:

  • find time to read more of my own books and not feel the pressure to review everything. Sometimes I just want to read a good book for me.
  • Read more Non-Fiction. I don’t think I reviewed one single non-fiction title last year.
  • Read outside my comfort zones – in 2015 I read predominately my favourite genres. As such I didn’t feel as challenged by it all as I could have.
  • Read more male authors. A few years ago I only read male authors. Last year I barely read any. I need to mix it up a bit more and balance the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge out a bit more.

* To get more organised.

I used to pre-plan and schedule a weeks or so worth of posts ahead leaving more time to read and write. I really liked being able to do this and it allowed me more freedom. In 2015 I felt more chained to my computer as I desperately tried to catch up and never felt I really did, which cut into both my reading and down time leading to long blogging breaks.

* To work out a better system for ‘Let’s Talk Books’.

2016 will either make or break this feature. It needs to be updated and I need to get more organised in having authors on the blog for this feature. Last year I was laid back with it, telling participates to just send it through when they able, and found that 90% of people never sent the answers back and thus I had nothing to post. I’m going to take a different approach to this in 2016 and see if I can schedule some authors, bloggers and readers throughout each month. *Fingers crossed it works*

* Be more interactive on other blogs and platforms.

I used to comment on a bunch of blogs all the time, but have been slack lately. I intend to get back into this.

* To write more discussion/opinion type pieces.

Every month it seems I write down another ten or so ideas for these type of posts, sometimes I even start writing them. But somehow the post is either never finished or posted. This year I will follow through on this ideas.



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