3rd Birthday Celebration Giveaway Day 4: A Bindarra Creek Romance

If you’ve been following me for a while now then you know that I’m huge supporter of local industries and talent. So what better way to support local authors then to showcase some of them on here and give a couple of their books away while I’m at it!

Last year a group of local authors got together and came up with the Bindarra Creek Romance Series. The idea was simple, 13 authors and 13 new stories released over 13 months.

Bindarra Creek Romance

13 romances.      13 authors.      13 months.

Welcome to Bindarra Creek, a struggling country community whose townspeople work hard and love deeply.  Set in the tablelands of New England, Australia, the fictional Bindarra Creek is a drought stricken community full of intrigue, adventure, drama and honest country goodness. Life and love in a small country town has never been more challenging.


While the authors set out to give life to a struggling fictional rural town in Australia, what they have created is a family of characters, lives and livelihoods that live within this very country, and will be sure to take up space in your heart. As each book is written by a different author, they each feature new characters who are bold and bright and leap of the page. But they are also unique and written not only beautifully, but differently so that there is something there for each and every one of us. Click on the cover to be taken to that books goodreads entry to learn more or to see the complete list of books in this series click here.


Personally I love what this talented group of ladies have managed to do and today I’m giving TWO readers the chance to win ONE ebook of their choosing from the series.

To go in the draw to win leave a comment on this post telling me what is about rural romance stories that you love. Is it the settings? The characters? Do you have a favourite author/character/book?

This giveaway is open internationally and will end at Midnight on Sunday 7th February with winners announced Monday the 8th February by email and on the blog.


6 thoughts on “3rd Birthday Celebration Giveaway Day 4: A Bindarra Creek Romance

  1. Janine K says:

    Rural romance stories are about honest Aussies, who work hard and don’t have any pretence. Just like most Australians used to be like, before the “look at me” generation arrived. And you lean something about living out in the country!

  2. Jessy says:

    Hi! Jess,
    Love Rural Romances for their Outback and small and sleepy town settings,the romance, the suspense, the community, the animals and I can travel through Australia through the books. I have a lot of favourite Authors but one among them will be — Jennifer Scoullar.

    • Jess says:

      I find I can’t really walk past a rural romance book without at least reading its blurb, which generally leads to buying the book then and there. I’ve quite enjoyed Jennifer Scoullar’s books. She has some amazing covers!

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