Let’s Talk Books with Amanda from A.K.A the Book Harlots Review & The Sydney Author Event (SAE)

Let's Talk Books

Today I am privileged to introduce to you all another amazing Australian book blogger, Amanda from A.K.A the Book Harlots Review. I love this blog, and every time I visit it I feel like my TBR pile triples. No seriously, it does triply. Every single time. Not only is Amanda a superstar reader and reviewer/blogger, she is also a vital member of the Sydney Author Event (SAE) crew. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce Amanda to you all 🙂

What are you currently reading?

I’ve recently finished Finding North by Carmen Jenner and it is amazing! I don’t even know how many times I cried or smiled or wanted to hit something…so, so many emotions.

What’s the last book you bought?

Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren. The Wild Seasons series is a favourite of mine, Christina & Lauren are brilliant.

Do you prefer to read books in print or electronically?

I love print, but read a lot more on kindle. Thankfully with kindle can carry hundreds of books around, all in my handbag.

If I was to walk into your house right now, what would your bookshelves look like? Do you have an organisation system (genre, colour, author…) or are you just happy to go with the flow?

Empty. Most of my precious books are currently packed away in boxes with tissue paper, I cry some nights just thinking about it. When they are in the bookcase I like to arrange them by height size, with signed paperbacks on the same shelves.

How often do you read?

Every single day for at least two hours, otherwise I become a tad snappy.

Describe what you would expect to find in your dream book?

A storyline that flows well, with powerful descriptions and characters that are unique. I also love a bit of humour.

How do you choose what to read next? 

Usually any books I’ve signed up to review are at the top of my list, but other then that it depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll start a book but can’t get through the first couple of chapters because I’m just not feeling it, but then a few days later I’ll pick it up again and become hooked.

So you’ve started a book and discover it’s not for you. Are you more likely to discard it or finish it?

I try and finish all books, even if I put it down for a few months I’ll always come back to it when I have time. A year is probably the longest it’s taken me to read a book, with lots of other books during the breaks in between chapters.

If you could read any book again, for the first time, what book would you choose?

The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, those books are full of so much magic and hold a very special place in my heart.

What is about books that appeals to you so much? What is your favourite part about reading?

I’ve always loved the creativity behind them and the hold they can have upon someone, the fact that they can take you to a different time and place, along a path that could forever change you.

Can you tell us a bit about your blog and how long have you been blogging for?

A.K.A the Book Harlots Review was originally started by Alicia, Kell and I, three coworkers from Newcastle who loved discussing our favourite reads. We had created the page for family and friends but the number of followers has definitely increased to an unexpected number in the last few years that we’ve been blogging. Love that we’ve met so many amazing people, both readers and authors, through our obsessions with reading.

What has been your favourite book you’ve reviewed on your blog?

This is a tough one! I’ll say Pretty Instinct by S.E Hall, the descriptions in that book left me in awe of S.E Hall’s writing style and the main character is such an incredible individual. I think it is the second most highlighted book I’ve ever read.

Do you have any advice to other bloggers out there?

Always remember why you started blogging; for your love of books. Don’t feel you have to sign up for every book release you’re invited to, I know that it’s hard and you want to help every author out there, but if you do too much, eventually it’ll drain you.

Can you tell us a bit about the Sydney Author Event and how that came about?

Kell came into work one day and told Alicia and I, that she had been in contact with another blogger who was trying to organise a signing in Sydney. From there we went to coffee with Ryn one morning, she told us all about her dream and the ideas she had for the event, the authors she thought fans would love to see and meet in person. We said we’d love to be apart of it and then there was lots and lots of hard work, which was totally worth it when SAE14 rolled around.

What is your favourite part about the Sydney Author Event?

All of the smiles on the day. So many people meeting authors that they’ve enjoyed reading books from for years, plus reader friends that met online finally getting to meet in person, and who doesn’t love signed goodies.

What is your least favourite part about the Sydney Author Event?

The planning, all of the time spent researching, ringing and emailing around trying to get a hold of everything you need  for the event to be a success. There is so much involved with the behind the scenes.

Who are you most looking forward to meeting at the Sydney Author Event this year?

Everyone! It’s too hard to choose just one author from the line up, there is just so much talent between them all.

Is there anything we should know about the Sydney Author Event?

Lighting fires will not be permitted and will probably get you arrested, if you want the firefighters attention then buy a calendar.

As much as you would like to lock away an author and have them constantly writing stories for you, kidnapping is also something that will get you arrested, so maybe just keep your fangirling to buying a signed book or twenty and saying a polite hello.  Probably don’t tell them your whole house is wallpapered with just pages from their books, it may scare some of them just a little, although others might think it totally freaking awesome.

SAE16 will be spectacular, with lots of fun to be had at both the signing and after party.

For more information on or about the Sydney Author Event visit the following websites:

Facebook | Sydney Author Event Website | Instagram | Twitter

To purchase tickets to the Sydney Author Event click here.

To check out Amanda’s blog, A.K.A the Book Harlots Review, click here.


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