REVIEW: Aussie Easter Hat Parade by Colin Buchanan & Simon Williams

Published: 1st March 2016

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Pages: 24

Format: Hardcover, Picture Book

RRP:$ 19.99

5/5 Stars

Hey! Ho! What a show! Look at what we made! As we go marching round and round in the Easter Hat Parade!

Aussie Easter Hat Parade is another of my favourite Easter books of 2016. Bright, bubbly and full of Australian flora and fauna what’s not to love!

When I was in school, I loved creating all weird and wacky, chocolate themed hats for the annual Easter Hat parade where every kid in the school would proudly display their festive spirit in exchange for a chocolate egg. This year Colin Buchanan and Simon Williams have taken a uniquely Aussie take on  a childhood favourite and transformed it into the most epic Australiana parade our Aussie Animals have ever undertaken!

One day Billy Bullant found a bright red desert pea.

Jenny Skink found something pink, and cried out, ‘look at me.’

Hey! Ho! What a show!

Look at what we’ve made!

Let’s see if we can find some friends for an Easter Hat Parade.

When Billy Bullant unexpectedly starts an Easter hat frenzy, all the Australian animals get involved. Featuring a vibrant Australiana cast of  Echidna’s, platypus, Koala, Possums, Roo, Wombat, Dingo, Pelican, Kookaburra, Emu’s, Crocodiles, Turtle’s and Penguin’s this book will have your child laughing at what each animal fashionably creates and the imagination it evokes.

An Aussie Easter carnival of bud and bloom and plant. The very first Easter Hat Parade. All started by …

an ANT!

Aussie Easter Hat Parade is a colourful and playful interpretation of how the Easter Hat Parade tradition started. It’s a bit of fun for the whole family. Featuring bold colours, and a cast of adorably charismatic Australian animals, it won’t be long until you are singing along with the accompanying CD and creating your own Australian themed masterpieces for this years Easter Hat Parade!

As one of the only Australian Easter books I know of, I can not recommend this book highly enough!

To purchase a copy of the Aussie Easter Hat Parade, visit the following online retailers:

Booktopia | Book Depository | QBD | The Nile | ABC Shop | Angus & Robertson Bookworld |


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