REVIEW: Blow Me A Kiss by Karen Collum & Serena Geddes

Published: 1st March 2015

Publisher: New Frontier

Pages: 32

Format: Soft cover picture book – purchased and signed by the illustrator

RRP: $14.99

4/5 Stars

Delight in this special story about spreading happiness to all those around you with just a kiss.

Blow Me A Kiss is an epically adorable picture book about a little boy named Samuel and the power of blowing someone a kiss.

Samuel is out grocery shopping with his mum, when he notices a number of adults in different shops looking not so happy for various reasons and decides to make it his mission to make them happy again. He does this in the most super cute way by blowing each person a massive kiss and watching it fly around the room until it smacks into their unsuspecting face. His kisses have their intended effects and Samuel continues on his way with a ear-to-ear smile plastered on his very own face.

I love this story on so many levels. Obviously it’s a cute concept that is pulled off really well by both the author and illustrator. What’s more not only does Samuel’s magical kisses provide a fantastic message for children, it also shares an important one with adults as well – the need to step back from our chaotic lives and stop taking the small things in life, like a kiss blown by a small child or a simple smile from a stranger, for granted. The simple act of kindness message is so powerful, and yet understated in this book, that you never feel like you are being preached at. Rather it’s just a natural story about a happy little boy who wants to make other’s as happy as himself.

In terms of presentation, this book hits all the right spots. Karen Collum’s text is simple, but effective and typeset in a similar font to Lucinda/handwritten style that brings this everyday and familiar feel to the narrative.  Meanwhile Serena Geddes uses this simple and clever cartoonist style of illustration, where she utilises the white space on the page in unique and kid-friendly ways. I love the way the pair have created this kind of adventure feeling with each kiss that Samuel blows to his unsuspecting victims. Karen’s text creates this journey whereby a kiss can transcends the limits of your lips and mouth by

.. fl[ying] under the chair,

behind the poster,

over the counter,

between the tellers, and landed on his nose with a loud ‘SPLAT!’

The old man yelped and felt his face.

But it’s Serena’s illustrations and her ‘heart’ trail that weaves in and out and across the pages that really brings the whole adventure aspect and kiss to life. The visual aspect of this heart trail means small children can not only listen to the adventure the kiss takes to get to it’s destination (in this case, the man’s cheek) as their parent reads aloud, but they can also visually see and trace the kisses’ path with their hands should they be so inclined, giving the story an added dimensional layer and depth to the story.

Blow Me A Kiss is a super sweet, but easy to relate to picture book that is ideal for young readers and anyone who is just looking for a beautiful story that will make you smile. I highly recommend this one for any parent looking for a unique and simply story to add to their child’s library collection.

To learn more Karen Collum, visit the following social media sites:

Author Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | New Frontier Publishing

To learn more about Serena Geddes, visit the following social media sites:

Illustrator’s WebsiteGoodreads | New Frontier Publishing

To purchase a copy of Blow Me A Kiss, visit the following online retailers:

Booktopia | Book Depository | QBD | The Nile | Angus & Robertson Bookworld | New Frontier Publishing



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