#AWW2016 Bingo Challenge

So I’ve wanted to do one of the bingo reading challenges for what seems like forever, but truth be told, I’ve been too lazy to make up my own. This year however, the Australian Women Writers Challenge (AWW) have created a bingo challenge of their own to try and combat that midyear slump that seems to be forever lurking around the corner. Naturally, I’ve jumped at the chance to be part of it.

#AWW2016 have made two cards up for the challenge, but given the fact that I read a decent amount of books that qualify for this challenge, I’m going to attempt both cards this year. The lovely organisers, are even allowing us to use books we’ve already read for this challenge this year to be counted towards the bingo cards (Thank you!) and I’m really looking forward to seeing what books I read that fit this challenge within a challenge.





All in all I’m looking forward to getting stuck into these two bingo squares! I’m already looking a some of the books I have lined up on my bookshelves (physical and electronic) to be read soon for the challenge and seeing if they fit any of the categories.

Click here for the original post on the AWW website for more details regarding the new (and optional) challenge.

Have you ever taken part in a BINGO Reading Challenge before? If so, how’d you go?

Are you taking part in this years #AWW2016 Bingo Challenge?



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