REVIEW: The YA Chronicles April Box

So what is The YA Chronicles?

We are a subscription box where every month you receive a cute little box filed with a new release book and awesome theme-related things.

Basically The YA Chronicles are a book subscription service that you pay each month to hand pick a new release Young Adult book and a variety (1-5) of book related goodies that match each month’s chosen theme. For April 2016 the theme was: Journal Junkie. On the 18/19th of each month the boxes are sent out with next day delivery in Australia.

Past themes have included Australian Made (March); Rebel Without A Cause (February); Travel the World (January); Celebrate the Season (Christmas); What Nightmares Are Made Of (November); Time and Time Again (October); That Hero Nonsense (September). To see what past boxes include click here.

 April Box: Journal Junkie

I really love the idea of subscriptions boxes. At the start of each month I get excited and try to work out what the current month’s theme could possibly be about – so far I’ve guess two of my three right! In many cases I feel like I start this clock counting down until the 18th of the month when the boxes are supposed to be shipped, and wait like a little kid at Christmas getting excited by every delivery. So far for my previous three boxes, every single one of them has been shipped late – not the girls fault, but such is life when you deal with publishing houses, delivery and embargo dates – and the wait has been excruciating! I have no patience it seems when it comes to book deliveries; I absolutely adore them! This box however, not only shipped on time, I somehow managed to even forget it was coming. I didn’t countdown to the date, or watch the postie like an hawk, instead I came home from work on Tuesday and was so excited to discover the parcel. Seriously, it was like I somehow managed to surprise myself – even though I brought the 6 month subscription for myself!

As far as the YA Chronicle boxes go though, I find them to be a hit and miss for me personally. That’s nothing against the boxes or the girls running them, but rather I’ve doubled up on books twice (so keep your eyes pealed for giveaways soon), or while the bookish delights in the box where cute, they weren’t something I would use etc. That said, the misses haven’t outweighed the hits yet, as I did sign up for a six-month subscription after last month’s box! Prior to this box, I would have said the January box (Travel The World) had been my favourite box so far as I loved absolutely everything in it, but you know what, this box here is pretty damn close and if you weren’t quick enough to snag this box, then you definitely missed out big time!


Every time these boxes arrive, I can’t help but admire the design. Who ever created the logo branding, did a fantastic job and each time I pull the box from it’s toll delivery packaging I can’t help but stare at it guessing what’s inside.


ohh… I wonder what’s inside?

I also really love the way the girls package these boxes. Despite containing a range of different items and a book, the boxes are always packaged professionally and beautiful.

First look ...

First look …

This month’s theme was Journal Junkies and to be honest I had no idea what to expect. Where we getting a book told in diary form? If so would it be really angst-y or read really young with the dear diary feel? I was anxious to find out and was please when I opened the box to discover exactly what was inside.


The first thing that drew my eye was the bookish masking tape. It’s super cute and to be honest I’ve never seen a bookish themed tape before, so this was an immediate winner in my eyes. Now I just need to find something worthy enough to use it on …


The next items I puled from the book were the ‘Get Shit Done’ notebook by MiGoals from Etsy. The bright blue and green cover of this book immediately pulled my focus and I think I actually see myself using this for the blog a lot. Especially since lately I’ve taken to writing out to-do-lists and notes on post-it-notes. My desk currently looks like a pink, purple and blue rainbow exploded above it.


The Inside of the notebook…

I didn’t take a photo of it, but the notebook opens with the quote:

There are two types of people in this world. The ones who simply talk and dream of success and the ones who go out there and chase their dreams and Get Shit Done.

I also love it’s easy to use layout.  The little circles on the side to mark off what you’ve achieved is brilliant for me, because I love to check things off my list visually. What’s more the last page of this book says it’s made in Melbourne, so unbeknownst to me at the time, I was supporting local businesses and I love that!

Also pictured above in the first of the two notebook photos are the ‘currently reading’ stickers from TheStickerAlley (also an Australian based etsy store). The stickers are really bright and colourful and a good idea. Personally I’m not likely to use these particular stickers, but my pre-teen sister is going to LOVE them so hard as she’s just discovered books and her love for the written word. I do love this sticker company though, TheStickerAlley was an etsy store the YA Chronicles first introduced me to a few boxes back and I’ve spent so much money there so far on a variety of stickers and the most amazing book themed and fan based bookmarks I’ve seen on the market to date.


Finally we get to the book. Amy Zhang is an author the YA community is screaming from the roof tops, and while I haven’t read her début novel Falling Into Place as of yet, I do currently have it hired out from the library and This is Where The World Ends on reserve. I also almost brought this book this morning at work, so I’m not only super glad I didn’t do that, I pretty excited to dive into both of these books in the near future.

Here’s the blurb of This Is Where The World Ends for anyone who hasn’t heard of the book before:

Janie and Micah, Micah and Janie. That’s how it’s been ever since elementary school, when Janie Vivien moved next door. Janie says Micah is everything she is not. Where Micah is shy, Janie is outgoing. Where Micah loves music, Janie loves art. It’s the perfect friendship—as long as no one finds out about it. But then Janie goes missing and everything Micah thought he knew about his best friend is colored with doubt.

Using a nonlinear writing style and dual narrators, Amy Zhang reveals the circumstances surrounding Janie’s disappearance in a second novel.


And finally we have the bookmark and the box’s title card that tells you everything that’s in the box and how it relates to the theme. When I opened the box, this was actually the second thing I saw as it was sitting under the masking tape and it took so much self control not to read the card first (like I normally would) so that I didn’t spoil the box for myself. I’m really appreciative that the girls include a new themed bookmark each month and the title card as not only does it describe the theme a bit more, it also tells you where they sourced all the bookish goodies … which my bank account hates, but I love as I get to go book shopping again and check out what else these shops have to offer.



So that’s April’s: Journal Junkie box. Overall I’m quite happy with the contents of this box as the bookish goodies weren’t things I’d probably buy for myself necessarily, but are mostly gifts I can put to use soon. More importantly however, I can’t wait to get stuck into the book.

According to The YA Chronicles website, May’s theme is: Summer Daze Driftin Away.

I literally have no clue what that might entail. My first thought is that America is currently in Summer, and were heading head first into the warmest winter we’ve ever experienced (yes, I know it’s still Autumn, but its coming to a close soon) and perhaps something Grease based. I can’t wait to find out!



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