I Joined Instagram!

If you’ve been following the facebook page, you might have noticed I took one giant leap into Instagram this week. I don’t really know what I’m doing over there, but I do have an appreciation for more artistic photos and I love that it’s not considered weird to take shelfies and post them there! Within reason of course.

To try and kick start my Instagram account off, I’m going to be joining in on Alyssa Is Reading ‘s May Book Challenge. This challenge (image below) looks kind of awesome and all kinds of fun. It’ll also be a great introduction to Instragram for myself and a way to get my account going a little bit … at the moment I have a whole three images up, so this is going to be awesome! To learn more about Alyssa’s monthly book challenges check out her blog post here.


I’m also hoping to update it semi-regularly with the photos from the countless books events I go to each year, so there should be a number of random author photos popping up from time and time and general book fun.

If you want to join in the Instagram fun with me, you can find me on Instagram here.

Do you have Instagram? If so comment below with your username or a link and I’ll be sure to follow you.


6 thoughts on “I Joined Instagram!

    • Jess says:

      Thanks for running the challenges all the time. I’ve been following them on your blog for a couple of months now, and after reading your most recent post about May, my friend started raving on about Instagram for bloggers so I just had to join up to both!

      Here’s hope the sun comes out again soon though so I can take some decent pictures. Tried to get organised for it today… it rained all day and was overcast 😦

      • Alyssa @ alyssaisreading says:

        omg Tell me about it. I haven’t been able to take good photos for the past day because no time (school) and when I get home, the sunlight is gone so no good natural lighting 😦 So I plan on taking some for the future when I can

  1. Jess says:

    Fingers crossed we both get some sunshine coming our way soon!
    I got some awesome bookish stuff from Behind The Pages the other day and tried to take a bunch of photos. Epic fail with the lighting 😦

  2. Amy says:

    I love that your posts always remind me of posts I was meant to do about telling people what I’m doing. Congrats in joining instagram though. I’m quite new on it as well, only a few weeks. I didn’t know about challenges though, I must look into these!

    • Jess says:

      There’s a few challenges going around on blogs and Instagram, but I follow this particular blog and love her stuff so I thought it would be a good place to start!

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