Is your name Jess?

So, I’ve got a lot of double up books that are signed. And to say thank you to everyone for their continued support of this blog, I’d like to give one away right now to any reader whose name is Jess, or anyone who doesn’t mind a signed book made out to someone that’s not them? I’m not picky. If you want it its yours!

Today I’m giving away a copy of The Sidekicks by Will Kostakis. This book is signed and made out to Jessica.

The Swimmer. The Rebel. The Nerd.

All Ryan, Harley and Miles had in common was Isaac. They lived different lives, had different interests and kept different secrets. But they shared the same best friend. They were sidekicks. And now that Isaac’s gone, what does that make them?

Will Kostakis, award-winning author of The First Third, perfectly depicts the pain and pleasure of this teenage world, piecing together three points of view with intricate splendour.

This copy is unread and in mint condition with the inscription reading “Dear Jessica,” and then signed by Will Kostakis. The reason I’m giving away this copy is because I already owned a signed copy of the book before the March edition of The YA Chronicles box was shipped out with it inside.

Personally I loved this book and am slightly envious of whoever gets to read it for the first time. You can read my review for the book here.

In order to win this book, simply be the first person to comment on the post claiming the book.

Please be advised that I can only ship this book to Australian or New Zealand residents due to shipping costs.

As mentioned above I actually have a couple of books that fall into this category to giveaway, so keep your eyes on the blog in the coming months as I give some of them away sporadically. I should also point out that I have some books miss-signed to other names as well … so keep your eyes out for them too!



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