Bindarra Creek Romance Group Read Now Up & Running!

-image found via Noelle Clark’s blog

Awhile ago I posted about the Bindarra Creek Romance series and proposed a group read for anyone who would like to join in reading the 13 books in the series by 13 of Australia’s top notch authors.

At the time I was trying to set up a group on facebook so that we could chat each month about the books we were reading and what everyone thought about it. But life got in the way, and sadly personal matters have meant that I had to push the start of the group read back to May.

But it’s happening now. The facebook group read is set up. It’s a closed group too. Meaning that facebook users can see the group’s existence and who is a member of the group, but they can’t see what is posted in the group. To find the group, visit The Never Ending Bookshelf’s facebook page and click on the link in the pinned post.

Don’t let the idea of 13 books scare you from joining in! Amy and I are planning on reading one book a month from the series, starting with Bindarra Creek Makeover this month. All 13 books are available as ebooks – or print from the authors directly if you happen to live locally as the books themselves are self published. The idea is that you read the book, and we can discuss it in the closed facebook group so that we don’t spoil the book for anyone else!

If you think you’d like to give a group read ago, or you want to join in on the fun, comment below and we will add you into the closed facebook group where we can start discussing these romance novels and have some fun!

In honour of the (late) start of this read along group read project, I’m offering up two ebooks of the first book to the first two people who sign up and join in. So wait are you waiting for?

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