Let’s Talk Books With Karly Lane, Author Of Second Chance Town

Let's Talk Books

Today I am super excited to be hosting today’s Let’s Talk Books chat with Aussie author Karly Lane. I’ve been a long time reader and fan of Karly’s books, both her rural romances as Karly Lane and her fantasy and romantic suspense novels as Karlene Blakemore-Mowle, for what feels like forever. So when I finally got up the courage to ask her if she’d be interested in taking part in this feature one cold, windy Tuesday night, I almost fell of my chair when she said yes!

 Karly happily lives in the same small town where her parents, grandparents and great grandparents all lived. She has a strong love of rural towns and the communities created in them.
A huge supporter of social media, Karly loves to meet readers through her Facebook and Twitter accounts and can be contacted by clicking on the icons at the top of this page.

What are you currently reading?

Bill the Bastard by Roland Perry

What was the last book you bought?

I’ve been buying heaps of WW1 research books. One of them was Alan Tucker’s, 1916.

Do you prefer to read books in print or electronically?

It depends where I am. If I’m not anywhere near a shop, I download an ebook because I’m too impatient to wait until I get into town to buy it in print.

What do your bookshelves look like? Do you have an organisation system (genre, colour, author…) or are you just happy to go with the flow?

I’m happy if they all fit in somehow! But I do try to keep genres together.

How often do you read?

Not as often as I used to before I became a writer. I tend to binge read. When I’m in a reading mood I’ll read four or five books in a row, and then may not read anything for a few months.

Describe what you would expect to find in your dream book?

A sexy hero, a heroine who isn’t too jaded, but not a simpering moron. Romance, maybe a bit of suspense and of course a happy ending.

How do you choose what to read next?

Usually I keep an eye on what others are raving about on facebook.

So you’ve started a book and discover it’s not for you. Are you more likely to discard it or finish it?

Discard it. Absolutely. Life is too short for books you can’t connect with.

If you could read any book again, for the first time, what book would you choose?

Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon

What is about books that appeals to you so much? What is your favourite part about reading?

I love that you can escape from your everyday life and travel all over the world without even leaving your chair!

Can you tell us a bit about your writing style. Are you a pantser or a plotter? Do you prefer to write in 1st or 3rd person? Are you an early riser writer or a late night owl writer?

I’m a pantser and this works for me…until I get about half way through a book and realise I have absolutely no idea where the story is going. Then I have to sit down and try and untangle it all. But I still believe writing without a plan is the best way for me to start a book. I don’t know why, but it just works. I write in the 3rd person, that’s the way that best suits my voice. When I worked and the kids were younger, I wrote early mornings and late at night, just so I could fit my writing in, but now I’m lucky enough to write as a career, so I pretty much work 9 to 3 weekdays.

Was there any particular book that inspired you to start writing?

I don’t recall one particular book, but I was a huge teenage romance reader, before moving onto Mills and Boon/ Harlequin when I was older, something inherited from my Nanna. I remember one day, I’d read everything I had in the house and decided I should write my own book. So I did. It took three or four attempts over the years in between having babies and life dealing out interesting ups and downs, but eventually I did it.

Do you have any advice to other writers out there?

Write, rewrite, and write some more. You’ll think your first draft of the first book you finish will be amazing, and it probably will be, but it won’t be on the first draft. You need to be able to step away from it and write some more and then come back to it and make improvements, something you’ll only be able to see after writing and rewriting. Joining a writing group is a fantastic idea. You’ll not only have a support network but you’ll learn so much. Romance Writers of Australia is a fantastic place to start.

And lastly, what are you currently working on?

I’m very excited about my next project. It has a background story based on the Light Horse of WW1 and a contemporary story about a woman dealing with trauma, and searching for a new life.

Thank you so much Karly for stopping by today.

To learn more about Karly Lane and her books, visit the following social media sites:

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

To learn more about Karly writing as Karlene Blakemore-Mowle, visit the following social media sites:

Website | Facebook | Goodreads 



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