Kell’s Bookmark Clique Readers Retreat

Today I’m heading off to the Central Coast with some of my local book buddies to attend the first ever Kell’s Bookmark Clique Readers Retreat!

Earlier on in the year, I attend a local lunch with the amazing Kell Donaldson and a bunch of local devoted readers and bloggers where the gem for this retreat was first born. I distinctly remember how excited we all got as we threw out random ideas for the event, not necessarily believe we could get publishes on board and that thing would go ahead. But Kell and equally amazing Ryn got their thinking caps on and pulled a lot of strings behind the scenes and made the once ‘crazy idea dream’ a reality.

The idea behind the event was to get a bunch of interested readers from Kell’s Bookmark Clique – an online facebook blog turned book club and an awesome book community – to read the same books and meet somewhere we could all chat about it face to face and meet everyone in real life.  What Kell has managed to achieve however with the promise of this event later today, is so much more than that.

Kell and Ryn were able to get to publishers on board to sponsor and supply books for the weekend event. Simon & Schuester Australia’s The Racy Hearts’ supplied the most divine physical book These Days Of Ours by Juliet Ashton, and Hachette Australia’s Books With Heart supplied a digital ARC (five weeks early too!) of Hooker by J L Perry.

By attending the inaugural Kell’s Bookmark Clique Reader Retreat, we agreed to have read both books prior to the weekend so that we can discuss them over a high tea later on today, and that we’d review each of the books in the weeks immediately following the retreat. A pretty damn good deal I’d say!

SO basically I’m on my way to the Central Coast right now to catch up with an amazing group of avid romance readers, bloggers, authors (because there are a bunch of them attending too!) and some of the best indie book event organisers this country has. We’re having an afternoon tea later on to discuss the books, then some drinks before dinner. Kell keeps teasing us too with some secrets and surprises she’s managed to organise for the retreat, and there’s going to be a charity raffle as well. All in all, I don’t think this weekend could get any more promising!

Oh.. and we had to come up with a 7 word review for each book, which is soooo much harder than it sounds! I wrote mine last night and let’s just say it was a fun and frustrating challenge!

Thank you to Kell (and Ryn too) for all the hard work you’ve done behind the scenes to make this concept not only a reality, but the dream event I know your going to pull off. I’m so excited!

#ReaderUnite #ReadRelaxRetreat

What are you up to this weekend? What are you reading?




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