Where Were You When Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Released?

Earlier today Dymocks Books posted on the following on their Facebook page:

On this day nine years ago, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released.

In ten days, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be released.

After all this time?

… and it got me thinking. At first I was all confused, because surely it couldn’t have been nine years since the last Potter book was released. It kind of feels like only last year I was racing to the shops with my friends to get our very own copy before spoilers were released.

In fact I can still recall  in quite vivid detail the day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released and my initial reaction to reading the book itself.

In many ways the adventure to and from the bookstore ( or in my case, my local Big W) with three of my high school best friends is actually one of my all time fondest memories.

You see I can recall quite vividly how excited and giggly we were on the drive to the shops; how nervous we were about what might happen in the book and the various bets and wages that were launched over certain aspects. I remember the craziness as we lined up with a crowd of other fans and how it seemed that everyone kind of just launched themselves at the pallet of books at the front of the store in a frenzy that I’ve yet to have witnessed again. There was sheer desperation in that throng of people and only the fit with top notch survival instincts were guarantee to make it out alive.

But most of all, I remember the drive home after we purchased our copies. In a spontaneous and desperate need to know what happened in the final book, the three of us who were passengers took turns to read aloud full pages of the book as the driver drove us back towards our congregation of cars. The car echoed with our giddy excitement and nervous tension as we raced our way through the first chapter and I can distinctly remember myself and one other friend groaning when we reached the drop of for our cars. it meant that the books needed to be put down and left alone as we took the rest of the half hour trip home. Let me tell you, half an hour has never gone so slowly in my life!

I raced through the book once I arrived home and read until the early hours of the following morning. I didn’t finish the book then due to pure stubbornness and the sudden realisation that it was the final Harry Potter Book and I needed it to last. I laughed until I began to bawl my eyeballs out, constantly stuck on the edge of my bed until I was reduced to puddle of tears and mush. I mourned the characters (both lost and still alive) and one I finished the book next day (unable to leave it unknown for too long) I sat there staring at the wall wondering: What now?

As of yet, I don’t have any plans to car pool to the shops with my besties to repeat this journey again. But I can tell you without a doubt, come 9.01am on Sunday 31st July, I will be at the same store lining up to get my copy of the script before I race home and devour it.

Can you remember where you were when Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows released? Or what your initially reading experience was?



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