Magical Week …

Is this week seriously not the most magical week?

With the release of the Harry Potter & Cursed Child script merely just days away, the world – or at least the die hard fans – are going Harry Potter insane; myself included!

Stores of every shape and size are overflowing with Harry Potter (HP) themed stock in just about every format imaginable (books, DVDs, clothing, jewellery, costumes, toys etc) and it appears they were just the beginning of the excitement ramp up in anticipation of the big release this coming Sunday 31st July.

Harry Potter appears to be the name on everyone’s lips  despite it being a solid 19 years since Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone made it’s original début, we still can’t get enough of Harry and the world he lives in.

It seems just about everywhere  you look people are talking about the soon to be released script/the West End Play, or the previous seven books and what exactly they mean to them personally. Jay jays released an entire new range of clothing for both summer and winter that was inspired by HP and every store you walk into is advertising the books and DVDs.

And all of that was happening BEFORE the special comic-con release of Newt Scamander  POP! Vinyl figure and the new Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them  movie trailer dropped just days ago.

While both of these things are exciting (yes, I did buy Newt Scamander POP! Vinyl figure), that’s not what got me even super more excited about how HP obsessed this week is. No, that’s all to do with the 2016 Quidditch World Cup that was held in Frankfurt, Germany this past weekend.

Yep. You read that right.

The Quidditch World Cup.

It’s a legit thing.

Muggles have turned the fictional sport into a reality. This isn’t exactly recent news in itself, as America has been documented as playing the sport for a while now. What is extremely exciting  however is that The World Quidditch Cup is a legit event, where national teams from countries all around the world participate in!

What really takes the cake here for me personally however, is that not only does Australia have a national team (where can I sign up?*), but the Aussie Dropbears beat America 150-130 in the third ever cup on Sunday! And according to The Guardian, it’s the first time that any country other than America has won the cup’s title event (America won both 2012 and 2014).

So not only do we get a new trailer for the November release of Fantastic Beasts & Where To FInd Them, a special edition Newt Scamander  POP! Vinyl figure, and a Quidditch World Cup, but we’ve also got the release of the highly anticipated 8th script in the series. I really don’t think this week could have been any more magical or Harry Potter themed if it tried and I’m loving it!

If you can’t find me on Sunday, it’s because I was one of many lined up at 9am to get a copy of the script and you’ll find me with my nose in the book!

In the mean time, enjoy the new trailer below and have a magical fun inspired week!


*yes I know the teams are mostly University sports teams, but a girl can dream right?

Will you be buying a copy of the book on Sunday?





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