NaNoWriMo Day 6

NaNoWriMo Day: 6

Daily Word Count Goal: 1667 – if writing this amount each day, 11669 words would have been written by now.

Daily Word Count Achieved: 3515

Total Word Count to date::19277

Today’s Writing Music: Whitney Houston – I’m feeling the big ballads today


It’s been just shy of a week since I last update you all and I think despite my original intention, I’ll probably only update on here once or twice a week to keep things running smoothly.

So far everything has been going reasonably well. I have written every day (YAY!) and with the exception of Saturday I’ve smashed out 3-5 thousand words each day and I’m feeling pretty damn happy about that at this stage.

Things I’ve learnt about this current WIP (Work In Progress) NaNo project:

  1. Despite my planning, I’m not writing this story chronological. Instead in a move that is driving my inner perfectionist brain’s crazy, I’m writing out of order/sequence and I’m all over the shop. I’m hoping that in the next few days things will calm down and I get back to writing in sequence.

2. I’m actually loving this story and it’s characters right now. They are moody, and funny and kind of a challenge to write., but it’s oh so fun.

3. It’s not that hard to hit 1667 words a day. In fact it’s not that hard to write 3-5 thousand words in a day. I realise I’m likely to burn out quickly at the rate I’m going, but while I can maintain it I’m going to continue to try and smash out the most words each day I feel I can. In past years I’ve struggled with the 1667 word goal each year, but this year I’ve decided not to focus on it or the 50k end goal and things are running a lot more smoothly. Who knew.

4. I write better in the evening/night. This isn’t exactly anything new to me. Back when I was at uni, I tended to write all my essays and creative works in the evening as things just flowed better then. I think it’s partially because I allow myself to relax and rewind and I’m not as constricted in terms of time. But for whatever reason, it just works.

5. Even when things aren’t going so well right now, I’m pushing through and already I can feel myself slipping into patterns and a short of writing schedule. It’s fun.



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