REVIEW: Suddenly Together by JA Low (Dirty Texas Book 2)

Published: 4th November 2016

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 240

Format: ebook ARC courtesy of the author

RRP: $2.62

4/5 Stars 


I’m Christian Taylor, world famous guitarist of Dirty Texas. I’m a certified rock god, I have a reputation, tattoos and a body made for sin. One look from me and I’ll melt your panties.

There isn’t a woman out there who has ever said no to me, except Vanessa Roberts, the one woman I want above all and can’t have.


Never fall in love with a rock star, it will only lead to heartbreak. Well that’s easier said than done especially when that rock star is your best friend, room-mate and client.

Christian is off limits, I’ve learnt the hard way to never mix business and pleasure but after five years of resisting him, my resolve is starting to crumble.

One little taste can’t hurt, can it?

Suddenly Together is the second book in JA Low’s rockstar romance series Dirty Texas. The series follows the leading men in a big rock band named Dirty Texas on their transition from mega-rockstar-to-panty-dropping-lovers. It’s a hot romance that sizzles with chemistry and sexual attraction and is certainly not a book to be missed by any romance lover out there.

Suddenly Together is essentially a story about love and hope, about finding the person you know you are destined to be with and knowing when and how to fight for them. It’s a story about how wary Vanessa (aka Nessa) arrives in LA and meets the man of her dreams, Christian Taylor. When complications arise, and the pair are forced through more trials and tribulations then is fair for a young couple in love, they need to decide if they are stronger together or apart, for the decision could change the course of the rest of the lives.

When Christian and Vanessa first meet, they literally sweep each other of their feet and fall head first into the most insane and hot chemistry. Spending the next three days in bed, they leave each other exhausted but on good terms. Things get really complicated however when Christian’s band walks in to their record label and meets their new PR manager, Nessa. With Nessa holding strict to her ‘I don’t date colleagues’ rule, their new found attraction is not only complicated, but it’s crossing a line that she can’t let go off.

With a relationship between the two suddenly taken off the table due to work regulations, they strike up an unlikely friendship that blurs the line between friend and lover time and time again. Burden by past betrayals and hurt, Nessa and Christian are forced to confront the realities of love and friendship as they learn that affairs of the heart are usually messy battlegrounds and not so easily denied.

Suddenly Together is a hot and sexy romance book with a bad boy of the music business and his equally provocative and sexy PR manager. It’s not necessarily a story for the faint hearted or the non-romance-loving reader. It is explicit in nature – but realistically when dealing with rock stars who live a high life with a hefty dose of partying and groupies, where money is no object and your not exactly told no often. I will say here though, that the sex scenes in this book aren’t just for show, they play perfectly into the story’s main arc and perfectly juxtapose the complicated relationship the pair have together and the one they believe they deserve. And it works.

I loved all of the characters, and found myself more often then not laughing alongside them one minute, only to be brought to tears with them moments later. Nessa and Christian specifically were strong and feisty characters who know what they want, but sometimes lack the insight on how to go about it at times. More often then not that left them butting heads one minute, and falling in the sheets the next. Although I don’t agree with the characters actions on more than one action (particularly in reference to how they treated each other when things weren’t going so well for them both), I can appreciate that there are people out there in relationships very similar to these pair who would act in the same manner.

Throughout the novels dazzling highs and defining lows, JA Low manages to not only keep the reader on their toes, but also perfectly walks the line between the right balance of drama and angst alongside that giddy high feeling that comes with love, sex and off the charts chemistry. On more than one occasion JA Low manages to tactfully use a characters whit and dialogue to break the more heavier moments when themes like domestic abuse and medical issues are raised.

Another interesting thing to note about the book is the unusual structure of the story. The book opens with a prologue five years in the future, before going back to the couple’s first meet. While it’s a sweet knight-in-shinning-armour introduction that has both of them sweeping the other of their feet, it was somewhat jarring initially.

JA Low has created a heightened prologue that really puts the reader in the heart of the moment and it’s subsequent drama, only to taken it back five years and walk us through the relationships highs and lows up to that point and beyond. I did enjoy learning about the characters this way though and felt it was very cinematic in some ways; as I read the characters were almost playing out their roles before my very eyes. This structure worked well for the story.

Suddenly Together is a very quick and easy read. When you consider the sheer amount of time the author would have spent writing various drafts and through the editing stage, it feels cheap to say that the narrative read so easy, but it’s a testimony to their craft, passion and the characters they put before you on the page.

JA Low’s passion for writing and romance really shone through in this book, as did her characters who leapt of the page and grabbed my attention right from the first chapter. In fact, I think I read the book in two days and it was the only book to bring me out of a pretty terrible book slump at the time. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes pealed for more books in this series in the future.


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