REVIEW: Santa & The Saddler By Cathryn Hein

Published: 18th October 2016

Publisher: Self Published


Format: Ebook – purchased

RRP: $3.99 (ebook)/ $14.99 (print)

5/5 Stars

He’s found the girl of his dreams, but she’s just passing through. Can he turn fleeting Christmas magic into forever?

Windmill fabricator Danny Burroughs doesn’t have time to wait in line at the local saddler—no matter how pretty the girl behind the counter—he’s juggling two jobs as it is. But his little sister has her heart set on a unique piece of saddlery for Christmas and he can’t let her down.

Expert saddler Beth Wells has no idea that when she comes to small town Levenham to look after her grandfather’s shop she’ll be swamped with customers. Overrun by day, Beth is forced to work late into the night on Christmas orders. The last thing she needs is another.

When super-cute Danny arrives at the saddlery after midnight wearing a Santa suit, a broad grin and pleading she make his sister’s present, Beth makes a deal—she will take the order in exchange for Danny’s help. Except this flirty Santa’s idea of helping involves more than stacking shelves, and in the confines of the saddlery their smouldering attraction soon becomes a blaze. But no matter how hopelessly drawn she is, Beth has a job interstate and a mum who needs her. Anything more than friendship is pointless.

Will these two chance-met strangers find the courage to gamble on their love? Or will the girl Danny’s been looking for all his life leave nothing behind but a sweet Christmas memory?

I read a number of Christmas themed novellas this year, but Santa And The Saddler was my favourite so far.

Santa And The Saddler is a timely reminder of the importance of family and love during the chaotic Christmas time. It’s a story about going after your dreams, no matter how big or small and uncompromising they may appear; about doing what is best for yourself and your loved ones. It is a little bit magical and a super cute festive read with a satisfying dash of romance too boot – what more could you want from a festive novella really?

The first thing that struck me about this brilliant festive read was the opening male voice. While it’s not unusual in romances these day to have narratives told from alternating perspectives of the hero and heroine, it’s been a long time since I encountered a book that opened with a bewildered male perspective; and I loved it because of that. Right from the first glimpse we get of Danny, he sets the tone and voice of the book. The characters are tired, bewildered and overwhelmed but they are also funny, family loving and ideal for each other. From the very first line we know that Danny is a family man with a big heart who will stop at nothing to make the impossible become a reality and Beth is a woman all too willing to work herself into the ground for her family, that in itself makes this book, and the characters so much more magical and special.

With a rather cute and uncommon first meet and some of the most adorable and well suited characters around, Santa And The Saddler is the kind of story that is going to stay in your mind for long after you’ve closed the book for the last time. It’s the kind of book that will leave a smile on your face and a spring in your step and reinvigorate any lost Christmas cheer (thank you so much for that Cathryn!) you may have misplaced in the chaos that is the weeks prior to Christmas.

I highly recommend this novella to anyone looking for a bit of Christmas fun and all hopeless romantics.


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