REVIEW: The North Wind By Bronwyn Parry

Published: 13th December 2016

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 168

Format: Ebook – purchased

RRP: $3.99

5/5 Stars

It’s Christmas in the outback town of Dungirri, and Angie Butler has returned to her old home, perhaps for the last time. Her life is elsewhere, and the ties that have for decades bound her family to the struggling town and its old hotel may soon be broken.
But the arrival of two strangers in town – Owen Caldwell and his grandfather – along with the hot, dry north wind herald a time of challenge and unexpected change.

Owen has no idea why his grandfather has quietly insisted on this Christmas visit to Dungirri, a town he’s never been to. But the old doctor has a final quest, and as long-held secrets come to light and Owen and Angie use their skills to assist those in need, they both must decide where they belong, and where their future is.

If you like your narratives with a bit more of oompf, then I highly encourage you to read Australian romantic Suspense author Bronwyn Parry.

The North Wind, Parry’s second self published novella this year, is a Christmas novella full of heart, good cheer and a whole lot of community spirit and small town Christmas cheer. That said it is a Bronwyn Parry book, so readers can expect a good dash of mystery, intrigue and a hint of romance brewing within the hot wind wafting through it’s pages/e-readers.

I thoroughly enjoyed being back in Dungirri, the fictional town of three of Parry’s previous books –  As Darkness Falls, Dark Country and Darkening Skies – are set. In fact reading The North Wind, felt like coming home, especially with the cameos from many of my favourite characters from previous books.  I loved being able to witness how the town came together once more for those in need, and how they in turn celebrate Christmas in the Aussie bush way.

The characters and their predicaments were engaging, relatable and in all honesty, educating as well. Living in suburban areas, I don’t have the limited access to medical facilities these guys face, nor have I truly comprehends the scale of their impact before. I clicked with our heroine, Angie Butler, straight away and could really identify with some of her problems (and her Mother’s pushing for marriage and babies) and as for Owen, all I can say is where can I find my own Owen Caldwell? Owen’s Grandfather was a touching addition to the story and I’m not ashamed to admit that his story and relationship with Owen had me tearing up at times.

The North Wind, is a quick and satisfying read that is sure to bring a smile to your face and wet your appetite for some more juicy romantic suspense books. I for one can not wait to read Bronwyn Parry’s next book and truly hope there’s another Dunigirri book on the horizon.

To purchase a copy of The North Wind, visit the following retailers:

Amazon AU | Amazon Us | Ibooks


To learn more about Bronwyn Parry, visit the following social media sites: Author Website | SUNSET SHADOW’S PAGE | Facebook | TWITTER



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