2017 Blogging Goals

With 2016 left in the dust and 2017 well and truly settled in, I thought it might be time for me to post my blogging goals for the coming year ahead. A lot of them are very similar goals to last year – not because I didn’t achieve last year’s goals, but simply because they are rolling goals that I continue to aspire to from here on out.


2017 Blogging Goals:


To post 1-3 reviews each WEEK

Basically this is one of my biggest aspirations with the blog in 2017. I want to consistently have at least 1-2, with the aim of 3, reviews up each week.

To post discussion posts.

Every month it seems I write down another ten or so ideas for these type of posts, sometimes I even start writing them. But somehow the post is either never finished or posted. This year I will follow through on this ideas.

To get more organised.

I used to pre-plan and schedule a weeks or so worth of posts ahead leaving more time to read and write. I really liked being able to do this and it allowed me more freedom. In 2015 I felt more chained to my computer as I desperately tried to catch up and never felt I really did, which cut into both my reading and down time leading to long blogging breaks.

Find time to read more of the books I already own

This year while I am taking on review copies, I’m keeping everything in check and aiming to read at least one-to-two of my own books every month. This in turn should take the pressure of reviewing every book I read, and the review backload stress.

Read outside my comfort zones.

in 2015 and 2016 I read a lot of books from a variety of similar genres. This year I want to try and read more fantasy, crime, non-fiction and perhaps a poetry book or two. With the exception of poetry, all of these are genres that I do love to read but for whatever reason, somehow missed.

To find a better reading balance.

I started participating in the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge a few years ago because I wasn’t reading many Australian narratives and even less of those where written by females. In 2016 I almost flipped this and read barely any books by male authors. I’m aiming to balance this out better this year.

To Read more non-fiction titles

For whatever reason I read almost no non-fiction titles last year and because of that I’m aiming specifically to read at least one every couple of months this year

To read more YA again.

I love YA. Absolutely adore the sub-genre/classification and everything it entails. But lately I’ve been finding I’m adding YA books to my TBR pile like crazy, but not reading as much as I used to. It’s something I want to read more of.

Be more interactive on other blogs and platforms.

I used to comment on a bunch of blogs all the time, but have been slack lately. I intend to get back into this.

And lastly, in 2017 I want to have more fun with the blog.

I’m not going to lie over the past couple of years I’ve had severe periods of stress due to the blog and the pressure I place on myself and it. This year I want to step back a bit from those aspects and just enjoy the books I’m reading and reviewing. I have some plans in place to ensure this happens and I’m hoping 2017 will be an amazing year because of it 🙂




2 thoughts on “2017 Blogging Goals

  1. Elizabeth Lhuede says:

    Hi Jess, I know what you mean about needing to step back and regain your sense of enjoyment of reading. That’s how we all got started, isn’t it? But sometimes we lose sight of it amid the pressure to review. Great that you’re going to increase you reading of YA – I hope your To Be Read pile includes books by Aussie women as this is an area of the AWW challenge that is under-represented compared to the talent that I know is out there. Looking forward to seeing what you choose to review and, as always, thanks for your blogging.

    • Jess says:

      Hey Elizabeth,

      That’s so true. It’s a weird and complex mind set that we caught up in when that pressure creeps up on you. Although I’m sure it will occur throughout the course of the year, I’m hoping to limit it. Fingers crossed it works 🙂

      In past years I’ve had a ‘list’ of books I wanted to mark off for the AWW challenge and it hasn’t worked out for me so well. Mostly I think because of the pressure to review and feeling like I had boxed myself in weirdly enough. This year I’m changing it up and simply keeping a ‘suggested list’ of some of the authors I could read as part of the challenge and I’m pleased to report that there a heaps of Aussie YA authors (and picture book authors) that qualify for the challenge on that list. I’m aiming to hopefully mark off at least one YA book each month for the challenge.

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