Australian Authors & My Australia Day 2017 (Signed) Giveaway!

This year to celebrate the amazing home grown talent we have in Australia I wanted to do something a bit different. In past years I’ve taken part in the Australian Day Blog Hop Giveaway as hosted by Shelleyrae from Book’d Out. Sadly this event isn’t happening this year, so unofficially a group of bloggers are hosting individual giveaways to celebrate Australia Day in honour of years gone past, the awesome book community we have here and most importantly the superb talent we get to call Australian.

Working as a bookseller, one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard in recent years is that readers want to read Australian Authors, but they are not sure where to find them/who is an Australian Author. I’ve spent many hours walking up and down the aisles at work point out various Aussie authors in a variety of different genres and I thought it might be cool to compile a never ending list of Australia Authors.

So this Australia Day I’m launching a gigantic list of Australian Authors to help people find new-to-them Aussie author. This has been a project in the works for the past two years, one I’d hoped to have been published last year but sadly due to technical difficulties (ie three whole posts were lost) it didn’t happen. And this is where you come in. I need YOUR help to list as many Australian Authors as we possibly can via genre so that readers can flick back and find Australia authors whenever and wherever they want.

This Australia Day long week, browse the lists below and leave a comment telling me who your favourite Australian Authors are that I’ve missed off the lists (and what genre they write in) and you can go into the draw to win any of the following books.

When entering please also comment with what book you’d prefer to win from the four below. Each book has been signed by the author.

Each of the following books have been signed by the author.

*Please note that House Of Karls is signed with “Merry Christmas 2014”. It has not been used. this book is hardcover.

*Please note that The Great Zoo of China does have some damage to the dust cover and cover itself, but the pages are unblemished and the book doesn’t appear to have been read. This book is a hard cover.


Due to shipping constraints, this giveaway is open to Australian Residents only as shipping costs are astronomical with books. The competition will remain open until Saturday 4th February, with winners announced on Monday 6th February via email and the blog. 

So leave me a comment below or on the following blog posts for your chance to win one of the books picture above (there will be four winners overall).

Australian Authors – Romance 

Australian Authors – General Fiction & Literature

Australian Authors – Crime/Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers

Australian Authors- Science Fiction/Fantasy

Australian Authors – Historical Fiction & Non-Fiction

Australian Authors Non-Fiction

AustralianAuthors – Young Adult/New Adult

Australian Authors – Young Readers & Children






2 thoughts on “Australian Authors & My Australia Day 2017 (Signed) Giveaway!

  1. rlsharpe says:

    Wow Jess, you have gone to so much trouble! What a great idea. Don’t enter me in the giveaway – I already have The Horse Thief, and not really interested in the others. Good luck to the winners though!

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