Service Announcement: Change of Blog Email Address

In the age of social media and on the go contact, technology plays a massive part of our every day lives. For me, that extends to a variety of email accounts that need to be checked daily for different reasons. However recently, the group my blog email account is hosted with has been sub par at best, with endless issues arising from wanting to log in to my email account, to sending and even receiving emails.

For some one who gets sets a reasonable amount of mail quite regularly this has been a nightmare and with that in mind I’ve made the decision to transition the blogs email address from it’s current provider over to gmail.

While I am in the process of setting up an automatic messaging service and personally emailing every contact in my inbox advising them to the change, I’m sharing this here with the change of email address in the hope of reaching more people that way too. Also so that I’m covering my basis.

You can now contact me via email at nevendbkshelf {[@] gmail [.] com

^the [ ] and spaces are not part of the email address


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