REVIEW: Me And You by Deborah Kelly & Illustrated by Karen Blair

Published: 27th February 2017

Publisher: Penguin Viking Australia

Pages: 32

Format: Hard cover Picture book courtesy of the Publisher

RRP: $24.99

5/5 Stars

A delightful rhyming picture book that celebrates all the special relationships and fun-filled activities in a child’s life, their special bonds with parents, grandparents, cousins, neighbours and pets, as well as all the wonderful fun-filled days they enjoy together: from beach and baking days, to cycling and footy-kicking or simply lazy days. This is a joyous, accessible picture book perfect for sharing with children.

Me And You is a superb new picture book from Deborah Kelly and Karen Blair that seeks to celebrate children and those special people in their lives.

What I love most about this book is just how inclusive the story it is. As the title suggests, the book is about the reader and the child in many ways; to the point that it’s the way Me And You celebrate each day. Deborah Kelly has gone about and beyond to make sure there are NO references to name, gender or any other title that might limit the books appeal or approach, and while Karen Blair’s illustration do provide hints (i.e. a picture of Dad on a bike), it still remains fully approachable and friendly to children of all walks of life.

Karen Balir’s illustrations are super adorable and life like that reading the book and looking at the illustrations is akin to seeing some of your favourite family snaps from your very own personal photo album.  In fact the beauty of the book, is that the entire story is like that – an all inclusive photo album of little moments and people that make us who we are.

Me And You is the kind of book made to be read aloud by a parent or loved one. It’s a picture book that ensures that cuddles, kisses and laughs will reign supreme and that countless memories will be relieved by both parties. When the final page has been turned, and the cover closed post reading, the reader and the child will feel like they have been engulfed by a big warm and cheery, one of a kind hug.  With themes of love, friendship and acceptance, this book is sure to be a winner.


To purchase a copy of Me And You, visit the following online retailers:

Penguin Random House Australia | Booktopia | Angus & Robertson’s Bookworld | Dymocks |

TO learn more about the author, Deborah Kelly, visit the following social media sites:

Penguin Random House Australia | Author website | Facebook


TO learn more about the illustrator, Karen Blair, visit the following social media sites:

Penguin Random House Australia | Website | Facebook


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