Let’s Talk Books With Amber Johnson (Reader)


Today’s super star guest on the blog is none other than a good friend of mine and an avid romance reader Amber Johnson. I met Amber last year through Kell’s Bookmark Clique’s Readers Retreat and we bonded instantly over books.

What are you currently reading?

I am onto book 4 of the Lost Kings MC by Autumn Jones Lake, Tattered on my Sleeve.  I only found about the series, 3 days ago, and I’m now devouring the entire series.

What’s the last book you bought?

Echoes in  Death by JD Robb

Do you prefer to read books in print or electronically?

Electronically, it’s much easier to read on the move this way.

If I was to walk into your house right now, what would you bookshelves look like? Do you have an organisation system (genre, colour, author…) or are you just happy to go with the flow?

I only have a small bookshelf (insert gasp) I know, it’s a terrible thought. The small amount of physical books I do have. There is no order. Just on the shelf.

How often do you read?

As often as I can.
I catch public transport to and from work, every day. The trip is an hour each way, so prime reading time, no interruptions, well except to get off at my stop.

Describe what you would expect to find in your dream book?

I like strong family values. Family is really important to me in real life, so when I see families that get along in a book, I really enjoy that. Family doesn’t have to be blood either; it’s what you make it, and who stand by you.  An alpha male doesn’t go astray either.

How do you choose what to read next?

I don’t choose. I just read what I’m feeling. Whether it be MC or a lovey dovey romance book. My TBR is huge, I’ve got choices LOL

So you’ve started a book and discover it’s not for you. Are you more likely to discard it or finish it?

I will admit to discarding, although I will read the last 2-3 chapters, just to see how it worked out in the end. I did this once, and I was so interested how it got to that conclusion, that I went back to the beginning and restarted the book.

If you could read any book again, for the first time, what book would you choose?
It’s not something I’ve ever really thought about. If I wanted to experience the “feels” again I do a re-read, and there has been enough time between reading the book, it is like reading it for the 1st time.

If you are going to make me choose, I choose Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts.

What is about books that appeals to you so much? What is your favourite part about reading?

I like the alternate world that it opens your eyes to. I like the discussion you can have just by saying, “Hey in this book I’m reading, this happened, thoughts? It doesn’t even have to be heavy stuff, it can be as simple as the cooked something for breakfast, and I thought it was cool idea.

What book are you most looking forward to reading next?

Echoes in Death by JD Robb; it’s the latest released in a 44 book series.
Nora Roberts/JD Robb could re-write the telephone book, and I would read it. I just get so absorbed in her world, that I just love everything she writes. Nora and JD write differently, yet are the same person, so I think that is really cool.

Thanks for chatting with us Amber!


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