REVIEW: Oscar The Hungry Unicorn by Lou Carter and Illustrated by Nikki Dyson

Published: 20th September 2018

Publisher: Orchard Books, an Imprint of Hachette

Pages: 32

Format: Soft cover picture book

RRP: $15.99

3.5/5 Stars 

Oscar the Unicorn will eat ANYTHING …Oscar the Unicorn has eaten his stable so he needs to find somewhere else to live. Not easy if you’re a unicorn who eats everything in sight … No one wants him around: not the pirates or the fairies or the dragons. Will Oscar ever find a place to call home? Well, it just so happens that Princess Oola has been searching for a unicorn FOR EVER …A hilariously funny tale of friendship, belonging and LOTS OF EATING from the bestselling author of There Is No Dragon in This Story. Perfect for fans of Oi Frog!

Oscar The Hungry Unicorn is a playful and wild read that you never really know where it’s going, but you are along for the ride regardless. With Unicorns still being ‘in’, and this one-of-a-kind story, Oscar The Hungry Unicorn is sure to be a winner, entertaining families everywhere.

Oscar is a unicorn with an appetite and what appears to be a bottomless stomach. After accidentally eating his own stable, Oscar sets of on a one-of-kind-adventure looking for a new place to sleep and something else to eat!  On the way to his new forever-home he tries a bit of the Witch’s Gingerbread house, a pirate ship, a fairy grotto, dragon’s den, before barely making an escape from a giant’s table! Unable to fit in with any of his new ‘friends’ homes, or to leave heir homes uneaten, Oscar finds himself in a bit of trouble with the trolls from under the bridge when  Princess Oola, the most unlikely of rescuers saves him and brings his back home to her castle where food is in abundance all year round.

Nikki Dyson’s illustrations are bold, colourful and hilarious as Oscar eats everything and everyone around him all with this bored look on his face. Dyson has captured an unimpressed Unicorn and brought him to live with a colourful flare as he stumbles haphazardly around the mythological world looking for his next feed.What’s more, Dyson’s illustrations perfectly represent just about every little girls dream of a unicorn (though perhaps with a few more kilos hanging around from all those stables and stones he eats) that they could call their own. With his rainbow mane and tail, his sparkles and silver horn, Dyson has made sure that you can not walk past and miss Oscar in all his glory.

Lou Carter’s text is simple, clear and work’s perfectly with Dyson’s illustrations to bring to life the most crazy unicorn story every imagined. Full of vivid imagery and mythology, Carter has filled in the gaps and created the world every child wishes they were able to escape too with their very own unicorn.

All in all, Oscar The Hungry Unicorn is mythology and imagination at it’s absolute best and is sure to leave readers of all ages laughing for long after they have turned the final page.


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