Australian Women Writers Challenge (AWW2018)

Hosted by the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

Read: 29/60

Review: 17/50

So while I did once again fail at this challenge,  I’m still rather proud of what I did achieve with it again in 2018. For anyone who has followed this blog throughout the year you would know that I had a lot of highs and some lows this year which affected my reading and reviewing for this challenge. That said I am excited for the fresh slate the new year brings and the chance to redeem myself in 2019 by attempting the exact same challenge once again.

  1. Harley & Rose by Carmen Jenner – Review
  2. The Beast’s Heart by Leife Shallcross
  3. Go Go and The Silver Shoes by Jane Godwin and Illustrated by Anna Walker – Review
  4. Shout Out To The Girls: A Celebration of Awesome Australian Women by Penguin Random House Australia
  5. Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris
  6. Cake At Midnight by Jessie L Star – Review
  7. Honest Love by Lauren K McKellar – Review
  8. Cake by Carmen Jenner
  9. King’s Wrath by Nina Levine
  10. Plight by K.M. Golland – Review
  11. Cocktales by the Cocky Collective group – Note only some of the stories featured in here are by Aussie Authors
  12. A Thousand  Perfect Notes by C. G. Drews – Review
  13. Burning Fields by Alli SInclair – Review
  14. Girl On Wire by Lucy Estela and Elise Hurst – Review
  15. The Desert Nurse by Pamela Hart – Review
  16. Addiction by Margaret McHeyzer – Review
  17. Restoration by Angela Slatter – Review
  18. On The Right Track by  Penelope Janu
  19. In At The Deep End by Penelope Jane (reread) – Review 
  20.  The Lucky Ones by Ashely Chegwyn – Review
  21. Collecting Sunshine by Rachel Flynn and Tamsin Ainslie – Review
  22. Ho! Ho! Ho! There’s A Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Christmas Cake by Hazel Edwards and Illustrated by Deborah Niland
  23. The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright – Review
  24. Hooked On Netball (Netball Gems Book 1) by B.Hellard and L.Gibbs – Review
  25. It’s Not Scribbles To Me by Kate Ritchie and Illustrated by Jedda Robaard – Review
  26. Excuse Me, Santa by Dave Hughes & Holly Ife, & Illustrated by Phillip Bunting – Review
  27.  Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty
  28. All The King’s Horses by Kim Congram
  29. Our Country Christmas by Darry Fraser, Penelope Janu, Fiona Lowe, Eva Scott and Jacqueline Underdown






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