2019 Goals and Blogging Aspirations

Happy Belated New Year everybody!

I’m late to the goals and recapping posts this year due to a summer cold that knocked me for six over the festive season, but I’m slowly getting back into the game and am so excited and hopeful for the year that is to come.

Towards the end of 2018, I gave myself some time to reflect on the year that had been and what I truly wanted from the future, including the direction of this blog and my own personal aspirations. I took this task quite seriously, and spent the better half of an afternoon mapping out and considering a lot of different ideas and goals; all of which have made me terribly excited to get stuck into what is sure to be a fantastic 2019.

Below are some of the challenges, goals and aspirations I have for the year ahead.

Reading Challenges:

As always I am participating in two reading challenges this year.

The first one is the annual  Australian Women Writers Challenge where I am challenging myself to read at least 60 books by Australian Women and review at least 40 of those.

This is actually my seventh year participating in this challenge, and while that number is quiet large, and I have failed the past two years to reach the review count/book read count I allotted to myself, I am determined that this will be the year I beat my own personal challenge! Third time lucky right? Already I have a pile of books that qualify for this challenge on bedside table just waiting for me to dive in.

Read: 60

Review: 40

The second reading challenge I am undertaking seems a lot more daunting in some ways, but just as achievable in many ways as the first one. I’m participating once again in the Goodreads reading challenge whereby this year I have set myself an initial goal of 100 books! Part of me is terrified by this number and the judgemental Goodreads bar that loves to taunt you! Another part of me is excited.

I was surprised to discover recently that for the past four or five years now, I have read over 100 books recorded on Goodreads (note: That doesn’t include the ones not listed on their site, so the actual number is higher).  I have always set my goal at 80 books and then bumped it up, but this year I’m challenging myself to read at least 100 with the end goal of hopefully reading a lot more than that number.

Reading Goals:

This year I want to read more books outside of my comfort zone. Recently, I’ve taken a liking to a lot more non-fiction titles and poetry and I’m excited to continue to discover and explore these genres a bit more in 2019.

This year I want to revisit some of my all time favourite books and potentially re-read classics like the Anne of Green Gables series (Gilbert Blythe was my first book boyfriend I think), Seven Little Australians by Ethel Turner, and after a discussion with some friends, I really want to dive back into the world of fairy tales and all their adaptations  (potentially a re-read of the Lunar Chronicles?).

I also want to explore Young Adult and Middle Grade books this year, as well as continuing with my Saturday Picture books reviews and adult fiction and non-fiction. Basically I want to read it all …

This year I will document EVERY book I finish (because they don’t count when I don’t finish them) in a notebook. 2018 saw me become lazy with this and it was hell trying to play catch up and remember the books I’d read that were on Goodreads and weren’t on Goodreads. This year will be more organised for my own sanity and piece of mind.

BLOGGING Goals & Aspirations:

The biggest and most important aspiration and goal for me in 2019 is to be more consistent with the blog. The last two-three years has seen some rough patches that I am determined to avoid in 2019 and I aspire to deliver more content, and quality content at that, more regularly.

Ideally, I will achieve the above goal by posting more timely and regular reviews (aiming at 2-3 a week starting from next week) and more discussion pieces that are either about trends in the book world, book topics, author talks and signing wrap ups, and event …experiences for the lack of a better word.

I aspire to be more actively involved in the book world and blogging community. I used to love reading and commenting on a wide variety of blogs and their posts regularly and it’s something I really miss. That engagement meant a lot to me and I’m not sure when or how I let it fall to the wayside. It’s always so exciting chatting to like minded people about books, events and bookish news.

I am personally challenging myself to start reading those Christmas books that I never get around to from October/November onwards. It feels wrong to read these outside of the festive season, and yet every year I say I will get to them and somehow time passes way too quickly.

Lastly, 2019 is the year I am hoping to become more confident in my blogging. It’s the year I aspire to be able to trust my own voice and not get so hung up and anxious about my reviews not living up to books, about asking for books from the publishers, about things outside my comfort zone.




2 thoughts on “2019 Goals and Blogging Aspirations

  1. Amy says:

    These are some excellent goals! Good luck in all of them, I know you will do wonderful things this year. I also need to get back into commenting on a lot more blogs instead of just lurking quietly. I’m also now slightly terrified by my own Goodreads goal which is 150…

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