Monthly Wrap Up: January 2019

This year I wanted to try out a couple of different features, one of which is a monthly wrap up of all the books I read in the month, reviews posted, blog posts posted and other information that may or may not be interesting to you. This is still in a trial stage for me at the moment, but to be honest, I’m kind of excited by the format and its an easy way to both track and regulate my progress. The infographic below was tricky as I’d never designed one before in my life, but I’m 90% happy with it. Next time I think I will include a challenge update with my Goodreads  and Australian Women Writers Challenge progress.

Looking back on January 2019 I had a good book month over all. My official book stats differ to those on Goodreads due to a number of the books having not been loaded into the system. While it’s true to other year’s my January book numbers are down, I’m not worried as 22 books for the month is still a really good kick start to the year. As a whole,  I do want to improve the number of novels vs picture books stats however and the number of reviews posted; I did expect the later to be low as I planned out some new concepts for the blog behind the scenes.


Full list of books read in January 2019:

  1. How to Speak Cow by Johnathan Irwin and Chris ‘Roy’ Taylor
  2. A Particular Cow by Mem Fox and illustrated by Terry Denton
  3. My First Day At School by Rosie Smith and Bruce Whatley
  4. Kooaburra Kookaburra by Bridget Farmer
  5. Why I Love Australia Written in Children’s very Own Words and Illustrated by Daniel Howarth
  6. On The First Day Of School by P.Crumble and Illustrated by Dean Rankine
  7. Old Friends, New Friends by Andrew Daddo and illustrated by Jonathan Bentley
  8. When I Grow Up by Andrew Daddo and illustrated by Jonathan Bentley
  9. Mamie by Tania McCartney
  10. True Animal Tales: Quite A Clever Quokka by Merv Lamington and illustrated by Allison Langton
  11. Hello, Australia by Megan McKean
  12. Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales
  13. On Edge (Rough Edge Series, Book One) by Kim Congram
  14. Rough Code (Rough Edge Series, Book two) by Kim Congram
  15. Amazing Australian Women: Twelve Women Who Changed History by Pamela Freeman and Illustrated by Sophie Beer
  16. Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty
  17. 47 Degrees by Justin D’Arth
  18. Repeat by Kylie Scott
  19. The Kiss Thief by L J Shen
  20. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
  21. Chip by Kylie Howarth
  22. Beard Science by Penny Reid

4 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: January 2019

  1. Ally says:

    Nee feature looks great! I love the infographic ❤️ My standout for January was Captain Underpants – I gave it a re-read and fell in love all over again, I’m currently making my way through the series

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