REVIEW: When I Grow Up by Andrew Daddo & Illustrated by Jonathan Bentley

Published: 23rd November 2015

Publisher: ABC Books, Imprint of Harper Collins Australia

Pages: 32

Format: Hardcover Picture Book (Borrowed)

RRP: $24.99

5/5 Stars

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A performer? An astronaut? A secret agent?

From the team who brought you FIRST DAY and CHECK ON ME comes a gorgeous and funny picture book about big dreams and even bigger imaginations!


When I Grow Up by Andrew Daddo and illustrated by Jonathan Bentley is a delightful picture book celebrating endless dreams and possibilities.

As the title suggests, When I Grow Up is an exploration of the endless possibilities that await children when they grow up and tackle the professional working world. It pays homage to the big dreams we all have as kids, while clearly demonstrating that anything is possible for everyone, no matter race, colour, gender. The only inhibitor to your future, is your imagination.

When I Grow Up starts off with a white background and a teacher writing something on the whiteboard as her class of young students listen on intently. The scene is immediately set and as a reader you feel comfortable with both set up and the preamble for what is to come. When the kids starts listing off what they want  to be, each child is given three pages dedicated to their goals and aspirations. The bold background colour changes with each child, clearly demonstrating that not only is this their personality shinning through, but it’s their time to be in charge and live larger than life experiences as they explore with much excitement what it means to be that person in that profession.  Right from the get go, Bentley’s illustrations are clear, stunning and show exactly what is important – the kids, their teachers and their dreams as they envision them.

Daddo’s text is concise and to the point, but still has a child like quality as the children start listing off the professions they aspire to become. He has gone to great length’s to include a wide range of options ranging from hairdressers and inventors, to astronauts and secret agents, virtually no occupation is left out of reach or explored despite only having a limited number of pages. I love that he has taken such care in choosing the professions, leaving the text open to readers from all backgrounds and meaning someone will always find something they identify with no matter how small.

All in all, I highly recommend When I Grow Up by Andrew Daddo and Illustrated by Jonathan Bentley. Not only is the book picture perfect and highly imaginative,but its a story of childlike hope, dreams and aspirations. It’s a story of the past, present and future and it’s sure to find a home in the hearts of readers of all ages.


To purchase a copy of When I Grow Up , visit the following online retailers:

Harper Collins Australia | Amazon AUS | Amazon US | Angus & Robertson | Barnes & Noble | Booktopia | Book Depository | Dymocks |


To learn more about Andrew Daddo, visit the following social media sites:

 Andrew Daddo’s website | Instagram |

To learn more about Jonathan Bentley, visit the following social media pages:

Website | Instagram

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