REVIEW: From Neigh To Zebra by Alex Frankel Schorr and Illustrated by Louise Garner (Kickstarter Campaign)

Publisher: Rainbow Zebra


Format: E-copy provided for review

Stars: 4/5 Stars

Kickstarter Campaign: (Kickstarter ends 4 July 2019)

From Neigh to Zebra is a colourful, entertaining and brilliant resource to teach children about acceptance and diversity.

Sir Horse is happy and deeply in love with Miss Zebra, but they are told by everyone around them that they do not belong together. Judged for things they cannot change – the stripes and plainness – the pair fight for their right to love, acceptance and to be happy. With their families taking sides, they do everything they can to be together, including a whimsical attempt to transform themselves that goes horribly wrong. In the end, they weather the storm and come out stronger, happier and still just as in love as they were at the beginning.

One of the first things I noticed about this book was the spare illustrations and bold backgrounds. Each double page illustration features a bold-one-colour background that highlights the story. The remaining pictures are clear, but minimal, just enough to make you fall in love with Miss Zebra and Sir Horse as they struggle through their fight for love. The paring back of usual stereotypical busy pages in picture books allows for the heartfelt message of Miss Zebra and Sir Horse’s story to take centre stage.

The text is simple, short and to the point. Told through rhyme, the narrative is given a second playful edge that makes the reader smile in delight as they travel through the story.

With love, kids, and rainbows, they ended up happy.

All in all, I highly recommend From Neigh to Zebra as not only is it a great educational tool, but it’s also just a beautiful and heartfelt story that is brilliant in it’s own right. I truly believe that this unsuspecting, but incredibly empowering picture book, has a place on the bookshelves of all readers, young and old.

Don’t forget there is still time to help support this book’s journey to publication by donating to the kick starter campaign by following this link this linkthis link.

To learn more about From Neigh to Zebra and the Kickstarter campaign, visit the following sites:

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