REVIEW: Me And My Dad by Robin Shaw

Published: 8th May 2018

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books (an imprint of Hachette Children’s Group)

Pages: 32

Format: Hardback picture book (borrowed from the library)

RRP: $15.99

5/5 Stars

From the award-winning animator of The Snowman and the Snowdog, Ethel & Ernest and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt this imaginative adventure is a visual feast and the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

There is nothing more exciting that a trip down the road with Dad. There are snapping crocodiles, stomping dinosaurs, sleeping princesses and golden treasure – but that’s not even the best bit. The best bit’s at the end…

This is Robin Shaw’s first book for children.

Me and My Dad by Robin Shaw is an epic little adventure of imagination, distraction and one-on-one time with Dad … but ‘the best bit is at the end’.

Me and My Dad is narrated by a young girl who goes for a walk with dad. Although they have a destination in mind – ‘the best bit is at the end’ – she is constantly distracted by various shop fronts where she could dive for secret treasures, ride in metal bins to the moon, and watch a prince rescue a princess from a run down castle. However, she has no time for any of these activities as Dad gently nudges her towards their destination and her favourite place ever … the bookshop!

I absolutely adore this book. Not only is it promoting and inspiring a child’s imagination, but it’s speaking directly about the magic of bookshops and books while promoting one-on-one time with a loved one.

Shaw’s text is short and simple, while the illustrations are stunningly realistic. The entire book is presented in a very ‘We’re Going On A Beat Hunt’ vibe with the way the pictures are boxed and broken up. Instead this time, the ultimate hunt is for new books! What’s not to love?!

I highly recommend this picture book for its adorable story and stunning illustrations.

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To learn more about Robin Shaw, visit the following social media sites:

Robin Shaw Website | Instagram


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