REVIEW: Anne Frank by Josephine Poole & Illustrated by Angela Barrett

Published: 23 August 2005

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf

Pages: 40

Format: Hardback Picture book (borrowed from the library)

RRP: $19.99 AUD for the paperback/ US $17.95 for the hardback

4/5 Stars

The life of Anne Frank, from birth until being taken from the hidden attic by the Nazis, is presented in this haunting, meticulously researched picture book. It is a compelling yet easy-to-understand “first” introduction to the Holocaust as witnessed by Anne and her family. The stunningly evocative illustrations by Angela Barrett are worth a thousand words in capturing for young Americans what it must have felt like to be Anne Frank, a spirited child caught in the maelstrom of World War II atrocities. A detailed timeline of important events in Europe and in the Frank family is included.

Anne Frank by Josephine Poole and illustrated by Angela Barrett is a creative non-fiction bio-picture book of the story of Anne Frank and how her famous diary began.

Josephine Poole has broken down Anne Frank’s story into simple terms so that older children can understand and appreciate the story, while Angela Barrett has illustrated the most stunning, true-to-life images that put you in Anne’s shows and right back in German during World War II.

The narrative starts with a quote from Anne Frank’s diary before retelling the life story of Anne Frank, starting with her birth in 1929 and going up until her father publisher her diary after her death. Poole has deliberately used simple, but age-appropriate language to tell the story without brushing over the darker facts of the story.

Angela Barrett’s illustrations are simply stunning artwork that you would swear was a photograph upon first inspection. Using predominately sepia colours to illustrated the past and lack of light, Barrett’s illustrations do a superb job capturing the fear, frustration and desperation the Frank family faced during the war and their subsequent persecution.

All in all, Anne Frank  by Josephine Poole and Angela Barrett is a fantastic introduction to the story of Anne Frank and the war itself for young readers.

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