BLOGMAS Day 16: Christmas Book Bingo Update 2

Today for Blogmas 2019, I thought I might update you all on my Christmas Book Bingo again. Since our last update a week ago, I have been able to mark off another two books from my Bingo card, meaning I almost have an entire row! Keep in mind that the purpose of this bingo card is to read festive books as I can, not to mark off the ENTIRE card, meaning that I’m only searching for one line this time and I’m almost there!

This time, I”m marking off a book with Christmas in the Title using Christmas With Anne of Green Gables & Other Stories by L. M. Montgomery.  You can read my full review for Christmas With Anne of Green Gables & Other Stories here or a short summary of my review can be found below the cover.

In Christmas with Anne of Green Gables and Other Stories L. M. Montgomery’s writing is just like I remembered it. The world she crafts might be long gone for us today, but it’s so vivid, beautiful and peaceful that I feel at home as I surrounder myself to the narratives.

I highly recommend this book for die-hard fans of L.M. Montgomery’s writing or Anne of Green Gable’s fanatics. The stories are long enough to immerse yourself within the world of Anne of Green Gables but short enough to leave you forever wanting more.  To that end, I think I can see a re-read of the Anne of Green Gables series featuring heavily in my 2020 reading year.

The second book I’m marking off this week is a book with Snow on the cover with The Christmas Lights by Karen Swan.  Once again, I’ve included a short sample of my review below the cover, or you can read my review in full here.

This was the first Karen Swan book I’ve read, and ironically not one of the three paperbacks of hers that I owned. I adored this book so much more than I thought I would, however. From the moment the book started Karen Swan had me swept away with the narrative about Bo, Zac, Lenny, Signy and Anders. 

I went into this story expecting a fluff romantic story with a romantic background, but what I got was so much more than that. I can not wait to start my other Karen Swan books now!

With the updates to the card, there are three possible ways I can score bingo by next Monday because of the free square. I either need to read a book with Mistletoe featured, one published in 2019 or a book with gifts exchanged. Some of the books I’m desperate to get to before Christmas certainly fit those categories, so I might actually make it after all!

How is your Christmas reading going? What has been your favourite Christmas book this year so far?

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